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5 Perfect Inspirations For Your Fall Wedding

Are you a bride who wants to buck the tradition of a spring wedding? Do you get excited about walking down the aisle with the crisp scent of fall in air? Autumn offers a multitude of matrimonial ideas for brides who would rather say “I do” after Labor Day.

If you love hot apple cider, vanilla-scented candles, and subtly sweet pumpkin pie, there’s no reason why you can’t include the finest aspects of fall in your wedding. To find out how autumn can provide the perfect backdrop for your nuptials, check out Oübly.com’s fall wedding inspiration suggestions!


Swap Out Flowers for Seasonal Produce

Bouquets and floral arrangements are staples in most weddings. They can also make up a significant part of the wedding budget. If you would rather do without the lilies, or your groom’s allergies can’t tolerate roses, why not forget the flowers altogether?

Instead, take advantage of fall’s nature bounty. This is the season of spectacularly colored leaves, elegant wheat stalks, gorgeous gourds, and beautiful fruit. Instead of a floral centerpiece for each reception table, decorate them with pumpkins. For the groomsmen, try maple leaf boutonnières.

  fall wedding centerpiece

Cozy Up with Your Guests

Even a clear and sunny fall day can become uncomfortably cool come October and November. If you intend to have an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception, keep in mind that your guests may not be able to withstand the frosty temperatures for more than a few minutes at a time.

To ensure that your loved ones can enjoy the festivities, provide them with snug flannel blankets. You may even want to have an outdoor heater or two on hand to ensure that any goose bumps your guests get result from the beauty of your ceremony and not the chill in the air!


Bring Autumn Changes Inside

Even if you decide to hold your wedding indoors, you can decorate your ceremony and reception venues with a fall theme. Scatter leaves on each table or hang them across every chair back. Fill hurricane candleholders with pinecones and nuts.

wedding pinecone decoration

Burn scented candles that infuse your reception hall with the delightful scents of vanilla, cinnamon, caramel, and pumpkin. If your venue has unadorned walls, you can even project leaf designs across them to evoke the feeling of celebrating your nuptials inside an autumn forest.


Let Nature’s Colors Guide Your Wedding Palette

Vibrant crimson. Dazzling orange. Brilliant yellow. Tranquil brown… These are the hues of fall. If you decide to throw your wedding during the autumn months, you would be remiss to leave out these radiant shades of the season. Ruby red makes a stunning choice for bridesmaid dresses.

fall wedding color palette

Photo Credit: Joseph Dsilva

A touch of orange can spice up your groom’s traditional black tuxedo. For floral bouquets, let sunflowers and chrysanthemums take center stage. You can even incorporate warm browns into your wedding invitations and ceremony programs.


Take Advantage of Delicious Fall Cuisine

When you think of your favorite autumn foods, what comes to mind? Carmel apples and pears. Roasted pumpkin seeds. And of course, s’mores. Including these tasty treats in your menu will surely make your wedding reception one that your guests’ taste buds will never forget.

  fall wedding cuisine

While most of these foods make better desserts and party favors than main course meals, you can find plenty of fall inspiration for your appetizers and entrees. Tart apple salads, chilled pumpkin soup, and all things turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing can make for a filling and finger-licking dining experience.

To keep your guests content all night long, have on hand bottomless mugs of apple cider and hot cocoa until the festivities come to an end.

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