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Design Trends that Will Transform the Fashion Industry

There is undoubtedly an inextricable bond between numerous applied arts. It seems that graphic and digital design has always had a massive impact on both fashion design and fashion as an industry in whole.

The design trends in one niche have always influenced the trend in the other and vice versa, but this shouldn’t come as a surprise because in one shape and form or another, all the applied arts – graphic and digital design, interior design as well as fashion design have always lived in a kind of synchronicity, learning from each other and ‘picking up the skinny’ on the latest trends, whether they regard lines and silhouettes, color palettes and even prints and logos.

So, what does this year have in store for us and how strong an impact will design have on the fashion industry is something we’ll discover today.

The Return of Minimalism

oubly design trends minimalism

One of the latest trend in graphic design and therefore also print has been minimalism. Everything from stationery and business cards to planners and even event invitations has been exuding a clean minimalistic vibe.

Minimalism will be the ruling force behind design for a great deal of time to come, and the impact of minimalism is clear in fashion even now,  but we have a sneaking suspicion that the fashion trends will reflect this particular inclination towards clear lines and simplicity in terms of color palette even more in the future, especially in the light of the raising awareness on sustainability.

design trends minimalism

It’s no secret that the fashion world is struggling with keeping their promises regarding sustainability. Both the industry and the consumers will greatly benefit from crossing over to the minimalistic side, which is always a great place to start the conversation on sustainability.

After all, even designers are tired of the constant change of trends, and so are the consumers.

There is definitely a wave of change coming, one that will return to simplicity and in terms of fashion we’re already seeing it in the preference for plain clothes that have a vague form and no style as well as inconspicuous tote bags and minimal accessories.

This means that the shift towards minimalism isn’t apparent (when it comes to design) only in the clean lines and the color palette representative of that movement in all applied arts, but also in the very shape of the garments as well, and their abundance or lack thereof.

The Logo

design trends logos

A huge part of the digital and print design is dedicated to the envisioning and creating of incredible, original and penchant logos. We’re aware how the right logo can place a brand, any brand on the map – if you take a look at some of the most iconic logos in the world, it’s not only the amazing design but the business-savvy of the brands that has kept the brands afloat as people feel comfortable with the old and familiar.

design trends logos

Your logo is your signature, and your identity, and with the return of logomania in fashion, there is no doubt that the current trends in graphic design will have a great roll in the way new fashion brands choose to establish and market themselves.

The bottom line is, fashion is all about the right marketing, the right garment accompanied by amazing and distinct packaging, and a poignant logo that will remain etched in the minds of consumers.

Design and Marketing

design trends marketing

There is no good marketing that will turn a fashion company’s (large or small) into either a success or a flop without great, even extraordinary design, and by this we don’t refer to packaging.

As the millennial tendencies shift, we are experiencing an increase in the need for great visuals. People want to see the goods that they purchase on incredibly sleek websites, incredible Instagram feeds as well as impeccable online presence on every other platform.

Heck, in order to at least slow down the transition of consumers from brick-and-mortar to stores, the industry has come up with an occupation called visual merchandiser, which is essentially a graphic designer who, instead of designing the window of a store in a design program, actually has to do both that and then march into the actual store and make sure the vision comes to life with their own hands. design trends marketing

Of course, marketing doesn’t even stop there as the millennial consumer has drifted away from trusting or being drawn in by traditional advertising techniques.

Both Gen Y-ers and Z-ers are incredibly techno-savvy, the fashion industry will be further forced to market their goods through influential marketing and try to appeal to the audiences through the peers their trust, which again, is inextricably linked with graphic designs because it’s artists from this field that come up with all the apps and tools designed to help up the visual game of your average influencer, and therefore the fashion brand they’re representing.

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