Collages, Illustrations and Free Fonts of Eduardo Recife

From Brazil come the eerily pleasurable illustrations, elegantly distressed fonts and dramatic brushes of Eduardo Recife. I immediately fell in love with his collages when I stumbled upon his website – –  while looking for inspiration while studying. Then I read his short bio:


“I’ve been drawing since I was little. At school I had notebooks filled with drawings instead of  notes. I used to tattoo my buddies with a black ink pen. I used to draw on any kind of surface when I was bored… I believe it’s what I do best. It’s also the best way for me to communicate things I can’t find words for… It’s a theraphy, it’s a hobbie, it’s a job, it’s what makes me happy.”


It reminded me so much of myself that the love solidified and I kept digging around his portfolios (his commercial and personal are separate). Hmm, should probably consult my therapist about the love and self. Anyway, the more I looked the more impressed I became. So much so that I  felt compelled  to show some of his illustrations and collages, as well as give some direction as to where to download his fonts, freebies and brushes.



I find myself agitated, but grateful for it as I try to piece together the messages. Very peculiar combination.


 The Map of the Interior World


Who cares about outside?


 Art of Losing


Don’t want to say anything about this one.


E o Amor?


When words are superfluous.



Ugh, the piquancy of these cuts me to the bone – but at least with loving hands.


True Love Waits


Hope so.


Everything Will Be Just Fine


Hope so x 2.


 Watch it on TV




“I want the computer to help me compose — not to slave me between the mouse and the chair.” – Eduardo Recife



(New York Magazine – Wedding Special Issue. 2011)



I find the polemic nature of his fonts very interesting and invaluable. He has both free and commercial available. I’m just going to show you his free ones just to give a sense of his command.




Sad but seemingly true.




Fragile, indeed.


Nail Scratch 


I’ll pretend, thanks.


Brushes and elements


Brush pack 8 


This is just a quick sampling of 1 of his 8 free brush sets available. Satisfyingly brutal.




Or perhaps you’d rather have the curious vector elements?

Eduardo Recife has been a huge deal for me, I hope he resonates for you on some level (or at least you get some free fonts and brushes).


Personal work

Commercial work


Freebies and brushes


John Hansen

John Hansen

John Hansen is a Los Angeles based graphic designer. Loves typography and messy illustration. Digs cats, reading books and cooking. Blue.

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