5 Creative DIY Projects You Can Make From Holiday Cards

With the holidays coming to a close, it’s time to pack up the tree, put away the ornaments, and say goodbye to your inflatable Santa for another year. What should you do with all of those holiday cards, though? How can you keep those tidings of merriment and joy with you all year long?

If you cannot bear the thought of getting rid of the cards your friends and family sent from near and far, here at Oubly we’ve come up with fun and easy ways to treasure them long after the last pine needle has been vacuumed from your rug.

Set aside an hour or two to give your holiday cards a second life with these creative DIY projects!


Make Fridge Magnets

holiday cards fridge magents Image Source:  Letha Colleen

Who doesn’t need more magnets? These handy dandy home essentials can keep in view your children’s latest crayon masterpieces, your friends’ birth announcements, and all the other special events you want posted on your fridge.

Instead of hanging those precious crafts and pictures with the free magnets your local pizza place gives out with every order, why not repurpose your holiday cards for the task?

Your cards abound with gorgeous images; all you need to do is carefully cut them out with a knife or pair of scissors. Paste them to a clear marble, add a magnet to the back of it, and voila! You can make as many adorable magnets as you want for your fridge hanging needs.


Construct Table Coasters

holiday cards table coasters Image Source: Manu

Water stains. Ugh. Nothing ruins the wonderful feeling of throwing a successful party than seeing dozens of marks on your favorite furniture from the glasses of your guests.

If your coaster collection is in short supply, you can quickly remedy your problem with your holiday cards. Just cut out your favorite part of each card into a square or circle and insert it into a clear glass coaster that many craft stores provide in bulk.

You could also craft more elaborately designed coasters by fastening folded bits of them with twine or yarn.


Fashion Garland

holiday cards garland Image Source: Craftapalooza

Homemade holiday decorations can add a touch of sentimental charm to your house. While many people have at least one or two self-made ornaments hanging on their trees, some may not realize just how easy it is to make homemade garland as well.

This DIY project also happens to be an incredibly versatile one. You can create garland in a variety of ways. For a classic look, cut your holiday cards into long rectangular strips of paper. Take one strip, seal the ends with glue, and then add another piece of paper to it.

Soon enough you’ll have a fun and festive chain of garland for your tree or windowsill. You can also keep the front of each card intact and attach yarn from one card to the next. Larger garland pieces can be hung on the fireplace or stair railing.


Cut Out Gift Tags

holiday cards gift tags Image Source: Heather Knitz

When you sit down to wrap presents each year, do you find yourself missing or running out of gift tags? Unless you make a habit of buying the same item for everyone on your gift list, gift tags are imperative for making sure that your nephew’s Lego set doesn’t accidentally go to grandma. To make sure that all of your loved ones get their intended gifts, cut out small bits and pieces of your holiday cards for gift tags and add the recipient’s names.


Craft Thank You Cards

holiday cards thank you cards Image Source: Zakka Inspired 

Don’t forget about all those gifts that your loved ones gave to you! Sending thank you cards is a wonderful way to let your friends and family know that their presents were greatly appreciated.

To show your gratitude—and showoff your creativity!—send your loved ones thank you cards that you have made from their holiday cards. You can make your cards as simple or elaborate as you want. Just remove the front of each holiday card to make instant postcards or make collage designs that mix and match images from each card.

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