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10 Perfect Ideas for a Girls Day Out

There’s something about warmer months that makes me feel nostalgic for summer break.

Remember that feeling of being on the brink of adult responsibilities and just hanging out with your girlfriends? Yeah, it was pretty fabulous. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up our top 10 girls day out ideas. things to do during a summer day out with the girls that will have you whisked back to those carefree days of yore.

Just pick up a bottle of SPF and get ready to make the most of your sunny day!

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  1. Go on a day trip to a new city, state park, or shopping center you’ve never been to. Leave in the early AM and have a great time blaring the radio and singing at the top of your lungs to all your favorite hits. For extra excitement, splurge and rent a convertible.
    Image  Source: Bright Bold Beautiful
  2.  Jenga was great when it was a foot tall, so just imagine how terrific it can be when it’s 5. Spend the day playing life-size Jenga and other outdoor lawn games like bocce ball.
    Image Source: A Beautiful Mess
  3. These few weeks before Labor Day mean that hotels are having their last weekend pool parties. RSVP to lounge around with the girls, listen to DJ sets and sip cocktails. Not interested in the party? Check in to see if a local hotel is offering any spa day packages.
    Image Source: Fabulousmuses
  4. For a little adventure and to get the wind blowing through your hair, take the girls on a bike ride. It could be riding along the board walk, cruising downtown, or going full-throttle on a trail.
    Image Source: We Heart It
  5. Who wears short shorts? You will after hosting a DIY denim short bar. Have everyone bring an old pair of jeans, and spend the day altering them in to the perfect pair of shorts. Accent them with lace, fade them out with bleach, or get rough and add some texture by beating them with a hammer and nails.
    Image Source: Coollage
  6. A lot of summer flowers are still in bloom, and it’s the perfect time to go picking. Check to see where you could go pick your own bouquet, or sign up for a floral arrangement class. Both options will leave you coming home with a gorgeous, aromatic centerpiece.
    Image Source: Vintage Image
  7. Visiting a beach, lake, or river never gets old. Rally everyone to go surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, or tubing.
    Image Source: Roxy
  8. If the hues in a summer sunset don’t conjure up an appreciation of art and color, then maybe taking a painting class will. Get all your girls to sign up for a lesson and spend the day gossiping and releasing your inner artist.
    Image Source: Virginal Necessities
  9. Remember when you used to wait forever in line at amusement parks for that amazing 20 second roller coaster? Well, now that you know what patience is, the wait isn’t so unbearable. Hey, you and your girlfriends might even be able to afford those fast passes now that you’re adults!
    Image Source: Nothing Compared to You
  10. Blowing up some inner tubes and laying out in a pool is always a fall-back way to spend the day. With some speakers, a cooler full of drinks, and a stack of magazines nothing can go wrong.
    Image Source: Flantter

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