halloween party favors for kids

Fun & Creative Kid Friendly Halloween Party Favors

Hosting a kid-friendly Halloween party means providing your company of miniature witches, vampires, princesses, and superheroes just enough chills and thrills to make them shriek with equal parts fear and delight.

Once the clock strikes midnight – or seven o’clock – the festivities might be over, but that doesn’t mean the fun must end. Sending your pint-sized guests home with the right Halloween party favors will ensure that your bash remains frighteningly and fittingly memorable in their minds. To get your party favor juices flowing, Oübly.com has come up with several ideas that are sure to make your Halloween visitors happy!

Scary Pictures

Halloween parties are all about being seen. Your guests may be little, but they likely have put a big effort toward finding the perfect Halloween costume. To make sure that their hard work doesn’t go unrewarded, why not take a snapshot of them in their ghoulish best?

 Digital cameras make it easier than ever to capture pictures and print them out with just a few taps of your finger. In fact, you don’t even need a camera. A smartphone with picture-taking capabilities can provide wonderful photos as well.

Majestic Crowns

What child doesn’t daydream about becoming a king or queen one day? To make that dream come true, set up a special DIY crown-making table.

majestic crowns

 All it takes is some construction paper, glue, rhinestones, and glitter. Let your tiny guests do the rest and watch them transform before your eyes into werewolf kings, mermaid queens, and mummy princes.

Creepy Makeup

creepy kids halloween makeup

Your invitees will likely show up to your home with their Halloween costume complete; however, you can help them find next year’s inspiration with a party favor sack full of sample-sized Halloween cosmetics.

 Hair glitter can rouse a rock star to emerge. White face paint can awaken the zombie within. No matter what type of costume makeup you give your guests, you can rest assured that they will use it with abandon.

Enchanting Pumpkins

Face paints and glitter can come in handy when you use them for a mini pumpkin decorating session, too! This party favor encourages kids to use their wildest imaginations and create one-of-a-kind jack-o’-lanterns without ever having to pick up a carving knife.

 Simply give them a table full of paints, markers, sequins, and jiggly eyes, and watch their genius work magic on ordinary gourds. Just make sure to have every guest initial his or her creation so you can keep track of each pumpkin’s owner.

Magical Masks

Yet another fun party favor option is having your company design their own Halloween masks. At their simplest, masks require only colored paper, crayons, and some string.

magical halloween masks

 You can also let your guests get elaborate with feathers, glitter, or faux gems. Once your diminutive visitors are finished with their handiwork, have each of them put on their creations. Then hold a contest to see who can guess the person behind the mask. The last guest to remain in disguise gets a special prize!

Delicious Treats

delicious treats

One Halloween party favor that is sure to win over your invitees is a bag full of sweet treats. Whether you decide to create your own yummy party favors, or you make a quick trip to the candy store, your guests will hardly be able to keep their little fingers out of their goody bags on the ride home. To keep in line with a Halloween theme, you can give away caramel apples, s’mores, popcorn balls, or candy corn.


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