Oubly Halloween pumpkin decorating ideas

How to Make DIY Chalkboard Pumpkins in 3 Easy Steps

It’s hard to believe October is already here, which means the haunting season is upon us. It’s no surprise Oubly has a great selection of Halloween cards and party invites. This chalkboard pumpkin DIY was inspired by this festive pumpkin party invite.

Oubly pumpkin Halloween Invitations Halloween Pumpkins Halloween Party Invitations

This DIY is simple and will last much longer than a carved pumpkin. You also don’t need too many supplies to get started.


oubly pumpkin decorating supplies

  • Pumpkin
  • Painters tape
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Foam brush
  • Chalk

Pumpkin Assembly

Step 1

oubly pumpkin decoration step 1

Once you have all of your supplies, outline the design you would like to paint on your pumpkin in pencil. I designed two different pumpkins, one pumpkin face and one large triangle to write messages on. When you are happy with your designs, lay painters tape over the pencil markings. Be sure to secure it tightly since you will be painting over it next.

Step 2

oubly pumpkin decoration step 2

Fill in your design with chalkboard paint. You may find you need multiple layers for it to be a dark black. Let it thoroughly dry between layers and make sure your paint is properly mixed.

Step 3

oubly pumpkin decoration step 3

When the paint is completely dry, carefully remove the painters tape. Grab your chalk and decorate your pumpkin face or write a fall-themed message. Be sure not to press down too hard, as the paint can scratch. If it does scratch, just grab your brush and touch it up. Let it dry before writing on it.

oubly DIY chalkboard pumpkin

If you are looking for the perfect pumpkin that kids and adults alike will love, these DIY chalkboard pumpkins are for you. Everyone will love decorating the pumpkins day after day. If you create a message board pumpkin, it will last all of the way up to Thanksgiving!

Katie Williamsen

Katie Williamsen

Katie Williamsen is the blogger behind lifestyle blog Twin Stripe. She is a Midwestern girl who is making a place for herself in the South. Katie lives in Greensboro, North Carolina with her fabulous husband, Chad, and adorable pup, Hobbes. She spends her spare time decorating their 1950s home and throwing festive parties. Katie believes you can never have too much glassware or glitter!

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