Oubly Halloween Pumpkins

10 Greatest Halloween Pumpkins Ever Carved

This week is officially the week for carving Halloween pumpkins! There really is no age limit on this fun Halloween activity and carving a jack-o-lantern isn’t what it used to be. You are no longer are restricted to the traditional triangle eyes and crooked, toothy smile.

This season, give your halloween pumpkins a humorous touch and give your trick-or-treaters a chuckle. We found some hilarious and super creative pumpkin carving ideas and encourage you to get fun and funky!

1. Zombie Pumpkin

Oubly Halloween pumpkins zombie pumpkins

Image Source: Arizona Foothills Magazine

2.  Pumpkin With Braces

Oubly Halloween pumpkins with braces

Image Source: Behance

3. Ray Villafane Squishy Face

Oubly Halloween pumpkins  squishy face

Image Source: Flavor Wire

4. Cheeseburger

Oubly Halloween pumpkins cheeseburger pumpkin

Image Source: Bunny Blab

5. Pumpkin Eater (literally)

Oubly Halloween pumpkins eating pumpkins

Image Source: Hand Made by Mother

6. Cookie Monster

cookie monster halloween pumpkin

Image Source: NJ Family 

7. Clip Art Facial Features

Oubly clip art Halloween pumpkins

Image Source: Woman’s Day

8. Free Candy Next Door

Oubly free candy next door Halloween pumpkins

Image Source: This Old House

9. Pumpkin Behind Bars

Oubly Halloween pumpkins  behind bars

Image Source: Knife Depot

10. “I’m gonna eat you!” Pumpkin

Oubly I am going to eat you Halloween pumpkins

Image Source: E Bandit

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