its national dress up your pet day

Huzzah! It’s National Dress Up Your Pet Day 2015

The first major holiday of 2015 has arrived! Did you know that January 14 is National Dress Up Your Pet Day? That’s right, folks.

You don’t have to wait until Halloween to dress up your favorite pooch in an outfit too fantastic to keep in the closet. Unlike Halloween, though, National Dress Up Your Pet Day gives a nod to the fabulous everyday wear that pets can wear without being mistaken for a pint-sized Darth Vader or barking Harry Potter.

If you have yet to experience the joy of National Dress Up Your Pet Day, has put together some of the most stylish pets around to provide inspiration on how to gussy up your own furry friend.


2 Image Source: Flickr

1. Is your puppy preppy at heart? If so, let your pooch don his favorite rugby or polo shirt. In fact, any shirt with stripes will suffice for doggies that just can’t fit into your favorite khakis or madras shorts.


3 Image Source: Flickr

2. Perhaps your dog is more of the laidback type? Well, now your pup can be comfortable and look cool at the same time with his very own sweatshirt hoodie.


4 Image Source: Flickr

3. If you’re tired of others mistaking your furry princess for a prince, you can set the record straight once and for all on National Dress Up Your Pet Day.

Just bedeck your little lady in a simple yet chic skirt to let your friends and family know that Buddy is actually a Bella.


5 Image Source: Flickr

4. When you bundle up to go outside, don’t forget to protect your pup from the cold and ice, too! Many people across the country will be experiencing below freezing temperatures for the next several months.

Keep your pet warm and stylish on National Dress Up Your Pet Day with a coat made especially for pooches.


Elfi looking quite dapper in her apres-ski outfit.  She seemed to quite like the crunchy snow thing. Image Source: Flickr

5. Does your dog shuck off his coat the moment you put it on him? Even if your pet isn’t keen on bulky outerwear, it’s important to keep him warm when the thermometer takes a dip. A classic Nordic sweater can ensure that your pup stays cozy when chilly winds blow.


7 Image Source: Flickr

6. National Dress Up Your Pet Day can be a lot of fun for the active dog. If your pooch loves Frisbee catching and ball retrieving, get him a miniature tracksuit that shows off his sporty side.


8 Image Source: Flickr

7. Many pet owners enjoy having their pets participate in their own workout activities. Whether you have just started your yoga practice or you consider yourself a practiced yogi, now you can let your pooch follow along as you perfect your upward and downward dog poses.


9 Image Source: Flickr

8. Maybe your dog is more of a watcher than a doer. That’s okay, too! When it comes to National Dress Up Your Dog Day, pets of all kinds can join in on the fun. If your pup loves America’s favorite pastime as much as you do, dress him up in your team’s duds. Now play ball!


10 Image Source: Flickr

9. Is your dog a seasoned traveler? Do you take him with you no matter if you’re heading to the grocery store or going across the globe? If so, adorn your pooch in a Chinese silk jacket, Indian sari, or French beret and parade his worldly sophistication.


11 Image Source: Flickr

10. Of course, we would be remiss to leave out the terrific tabbies that almost 100 million Americans have as pets. If you have a beloved cat that you want to show off for National Dress Up Your Pet Day, you can’t go wrong with what we believe is hands down the best kitty outfit EVER. You’re welcome.


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