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Decorating Ideas for A Home-Based Birthday Party

Throwing a birthday party for a little one at your house? Many parents do. Especially when the guest of honor is too young to understand that the special occasion is all about him, it makes sense to host a gathering at your home instead of a different venue.

But you still want your house to look festive, right? No problem. You can easily transform your home into party central with the following decorating tips – and you don’t have to spend a fortune either!

Buy Reusable Items

Odds are you’ll be hosting more than one birthday party at your house in the years to come. So why repurchase the same decorations over and over again? Instead, look for items that can be used more than once.

For instance, buy a felt or heavy card stock “Happy Birthday” sign instead of a flimsy paper one that will likely tear the moment you try to take it down.

Get plastic party hats that you can store away until the next time someone has a birthday to celebrateYou might also want to opt for plastic birthday plates that are washable rather than throwaway paper ones.

Sure, you might be initially paying a bit more, but over the years, you’ll be saving a considerable amount of time and money when you don’t have to go to the store for each get-together.

Embellish with Party Favors

If you decide to give out party favors at your shindig, make them a main attraction in your home. Don’t hide away your goody bags in a corner or box and wait to take them out only when your guests are leaving. Rather, put them on display in a prominent part of the house.

You can station balloons around your house and let guests take one home when they go. You’ll have a beautifully decorated house, and you’ll have that much less to clean up when the party’s over!

Purchase Multipurpose Decorations

Not all decorations have to be bought from a party store. You can turn your home into a gorgeously adorned space that’s perfect for get-togethers with few balloons and streamers.

Fresh flowers make a fun and festive statement no matter where you put them in your home, and when the celebration is finished for the day, you can still enjoy their beauty in the coming week.

A thoughtful arrangement of candles or plants can also make your house look merry and cheerful. As with reusable birthday party decorations, multipurpose items allow you to put your money toward purchases that will last long after the presents have been opened and the guests have gone home.

Make Cleanup Easy

For simplicity’s sake, you might just want to buy that paper tablecloth instead of a cotton one, which will likely need washing once the party’s done. If convenience is a priority to fyou, go for it. Even when you decide to use disposable items, though, you can organize your decorating strategy to make your cleanup a simple process.

For instance, if you know that you’ll be throwing out that tablecloth after the party, dedicate that space to other throwaway items. Toss a handful of confetti onto that table, and once it’s time to clear away your decorations, all you need to do is grab each corner of your tablecloth to get rid of both it and the confetti in one fell swoop.

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