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The Hottest Wedding Color Trends For 2014

Earlier this month, we reported on how you could incorporate Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year into your wedding. Radiant Orchid was the lucky shade to receive this honor, and you can be sure that this gorgeous color will be seen at more than one wedding this year.

But what if orchid just isn’t your color? Are you doomed to wait another year to see if Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2015 is more your style? Of course not! You can create a picture perfect wedding day with one or more of the following hues that are popping up all over the place as popular wedding colors for 2014.


Golden Girl

gold wedding

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Do you want your wedding to exude a little panache? Then there’s no better color than gold to reflect your love for elegance and class.

Gold offers a wonderful array of decorative and style options for your wedding. You can dress up your reception tables with gold linens and chair covers. You can embellish your wedding cake with gold dust or gold ribbon.

For a truly extravagant affair, forego a traditional floral bouquet for a gold alternative. Simply assemble a dozen or more gold broaches into bouquet formation for a uniquely chic arrangement.


Minty Fresh

mint wedding color trends

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In many ways, mint green is the perfect spring wedding color. It evokes the image of budding leaves bursting forth from trees as the snow and cold finally retire for another year.

Mint means fresh, young, and alive—qualities that many brides hope to make part of their nuptial plans. If you love the look of mint, you can use it in your wedding as well!

Mint is a wonderful choice for your bridesmaid dresses, reception decorations, and wedding jewelry. You can also hand out customized tins of mints to your guests as party favors!

Sure, it’s an entirely different kind of mint, but your guests will still love it.


Pretty in Pink

pink wedding color trend

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Pink is back in a big way, ladies. When it comes to wedding color trends for 2014, this shade is on many top ten lists. And why shouldn’t it be? Pink is pure romance. Gentle and innocent, pink is also a color that won’t overwhelm your nuptial festivities.

If you love pink, use it in your floral arrangements, bridal party attire, and reception table decorations. You can even request a pink wedding cake!


Peachy Keen

peach wedding color

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If you want romance with a bit of a twist, peach might be more your style. Many brides are using this subtly sweet shade that suggests both romance and spring.

Peach also happens to be a nearly universally flattering hue on skin colors of all kinds. Both a color and a food, you can create a wedding that incorporates this delicious shade into your catering options, too.

Instead of a traditional green salad as an appetizer, mix it up with a peachy alternative. You can also serve mini peach pies or peach melba as dessert options.

For warm spring afternoons and nights, you can offer your guests peach-infused spirits as well.


Wonderful White

white wedding color

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Are you still left a little uninspired by the hot wedding colors for 2014? Perhaps it’s because you would rather use no color at all.

Many brides are choosing pure white as their primary color for their upcoming weddings. White can heighten the glamour and elegance of any nuptial affair. It is classic. It is clean. It is the perfect color for brides who want a pristine backdrop for their big day.

If you love white, you can use it in a myriad of ways. Deck out your groom in a white blazer to make him stand out from his groomsmen. Give your bridesmaids white blooms to match your own. You can even hand out white rose petals to your guests to throw as you and your new husband walk down the aisle hand in hand!


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