Fun for All Ages: How to Entertain Parents at Birthday Parties

If you’re throwing a birthday party for a little one, odds are the parents of your guests will also be in attendance at your event. In fact, you may want to explicitly ask adults to stay, as trying to wrangle a dozen toddlers into singing “Happy Birthday” may prove a task too difficult for even the most seasoned parent.

Etiquette does not dictate that you attend to the needs of parents as you would your pint-sized company, but it’s never a bad idea to cover your hostess bases to make sure that everyone has a good time during your party.

Put On Non-Kiddie Television

Even if you intend to entertain your guests with activities other than watching television, you may still have on the TV for background amusement.

Dora the Explorer and SpongeBob SquarePants may be fine for the under-five crowd, but those shows are likely playing on a constant basis at your guests’ homes as well.

Give their moms and dads a break by setting up a viewing area with a program more in tune with their interests, such as a baseball game, cooking show, or even the news.

Offer Grownup Snacks

Kids can go crazy for cookies and cupcakes, but their parents might have a palate for different fare. Especially if they’re trying to watch their waistlines, an endless array of sweets may prove too tempting for dieting parents.

adult snacks

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Give them snacking alternatives by providing a veggie or fruit tray. You may want to offer healthier food options for children as well.

Kids typically look to their parents for guidance when it comes to their eating habits, and seeing their moms and dads snacking on fruit slices or veggie sticks will make them more inclined to have the same foods.

Give Them Room for Relaxation

You may not often have a dozen adults vying for space in your living room, so before the party starts, test the confines of your home. For instance, see if your intended party area has enough space for extra chairs. Parents may be happy to stand for a portion of the festivities, but expect that they’ll want a break to sit every once in a while. If the main party room is too small to easily house your guests and their parents, either move the entertainment to another location or set up an adjacent space that parents can spill into for more room and comfort.

Keep the Festivities Short

You may be thrilled to celebrate your child’s first birthday, but that doesn’t mean the parents of your guests will want to devote an entire day to this momentous event.

If you plan a party that’s more than a few hours, you may be cutting in your guests’ nap times or their parents’ errand agenda. To ensure that your guests and their parents have plenty of time to attend to the rest of their weekend activities, make the start and end times clear on your party invitations.

You should also be conscientious about when you throw your party. Festivities that begin right at noon may coincide directly with when your guests are supposed to be sleeping. An early morning or late afternoon party offers the best odds for staying clear of naptime schedules, which the parents of your guests will certainly appreciate.

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