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How To Make Adorable Felt Bird Decorations

My mother taught me how to sew, and my mother also reminded me that I still know how to sew.

While admiring the adorable felt bird decorations chillin on top of her piano in an arrangement of evergreens and glass beads, she told me that I could contribute to the flock and make my own. With one eyebrow raised, I figured why not give it a go.

Turns out, it really is pretty simple to put one of these birdies together. For proof, gather up the necessary supplies and get started making your own precious pet.



diy felt birds material

  1. Pinking shears
  2. Felt
  3. Pins
  4. Embroidery thread
  5. Embroidery needle
  6. Stuffing
  7. Bird Patter, which you can download here.


Step 1

diy felt birds step 1

Fold one piece of felt in half and pin the bird pattern down on top so that the top of the bird aligns with the fold. Cut out the bird using the pinking shears making sure not to cut along the top fold of the felt.


Step 2

diy felt birds step 2

On another piece of felt, pin down the bird belly and cut it out.


Step 3

diy felt birds step 3

Remove the patterns from the felt pieces and open the body so that the belly aligns along one edge. Pin the pieces in place.


Step 4

diy felt birds step 4

Cut off a long piece of embroidery thread, thread the needle, knot the end, and start sewing a straight stitch beginning at the top of the head. Make sure to poke the needle through only the top piece of felt to hide the knot before threading through both pieces.


Step 5

diy felt birds step 5

Straight stitch along the head keeping within the grooves caused by the pinking shears to ensure an even stitch line. After sewing the head, continue along the upper edge of the belly. Knot the stitch once at the end of the tail.


Step 6

diy felt birds step 6

Stuff the bird head. This makes it easier to sew the other side of the belly to the body.


Step 7

diy felt birds step 7

With another threaded needle, start at the neck bringing the needle up from under the belly to tuck the knotted end out of sight. Continue sewing a straight stitch through both pieces using the ridges as a guide just like the previous side. Knot the stitch once at the end of the tail and fill the bird body with stuffing.


Step 8

diy felt birds step 8

Thread a needle one last time to make a straight stitch down the center of the tail. Knot the end once complete.


Step 9

diy felt birds step 9

The straight stitch adds a decorative element, but also closes the two pieces of felt. Feeling creative? Don’t be afraid to try other elaborate stitches on the tail.


Step 10

diy felt birds step 10

Step and repeat the directions above with different felt colors to make an entire flock. Notice the different ways to embellish the tail!


diy felt birds

diy felt birds

If you try this craft, or any of our DIY Tutorials at home, send photos to We’d love to feature them. Happy crafting!


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