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How to Make Sweet DIY Holiday Ornaments in 3 Easy Steps

November sure went by quickly! December has started, which means the holiday season is full swing. I’m a huge fan of decorating and crafting each holiday season. After viewing Oubly’s holiday ornament card, it inspired me to make my own colorful ornaments that are extremely versatile.

oubly christmas ornaments holiday greetings

These ornaments are easy to make and can match any color scheme with the right paint. You can pick up all of the supplies at a local craft store and get to work. If you have children, they too will love creating their own special ornaments for the Christmas tree or holiday packages.


diy holiday ornaments materials

  • Acrylic paint in a variety of colors
  • Wooden beads (I selected most without holes through the center)
  • Paintbrush
  • Metal eyelets
  • Washi tape (optional)
  • Ribbon


hwot to make diy holiday ornaments

1.  The sky is the limit when painting and decorating the wooden beads. Use washi tape to create bands of color or the end of a paintbrush to create polka dots.

2. I found that my wooden beads needed many coats of paint to achieve the bright color I was looking for. Once they were dry, I inserted the metal eyelets into the top of the ornament.

3. Last, I added a piece of baker’s twine plus a bow to each ornament to complete the look.

oubly diy holiday ornaments ideas

You can tie your ornaments on packages, hang them on your tree or decorate around your house. They are a fun and versatile project to put together with kids of all ages.

I hope y’all enjoyed these holiday ornaments and the rest of your holiday season!

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diy holiday ornaments diy holiday ornament

Katie Williamsen

Katie Williamsen

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