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6 Unorthodox Ways To Make Ice Cubes

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There’s the icing on the cake, the cherry on top, and now I’d like to introduce you to a new way of looking at the phrase “on the rocks.” It’s time to step away from regular faucet water and turn toward milks, fruits, herbs, flowers, coffees, and oils the next time you need an ice cube.

It’s a super-fast and easy way to add an extra ounce of fancy to any drink, smoothie, or dish. Check out our 6 favorite ways to amplify the ice cube tray below.


almond milk ice cubs

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Try freezing coconut or almond milk for mixing in smoothies or to add flavor to iced coffee.


coconut milk ice cubes

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Freeze a thin layer of coconut milk on the bottom of an ice cube tray and then top off with any mixed juice of your choice to create these layered cubes perfect for blending in smoothies.


frozen mint ice cubes

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Fresh mint frozen ice cubes are a wonderful touch to a slew of classic cocktails.


frozen flower ice cubes

Image Source: Salted and Styled

To add a delicate, romantic touch to your drinks or chilling champagne, make pretty frozen flower ice cubes.


coffee ice cubes

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Iced coffee won’t loose its kick or get watered down by using coffee ice cubes.


olive oil ice cubes

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If you have an overabundance of fresh herbs about to go bad, freeze them in olive oil to use for later dishes.


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