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How to Easily Find Landing Page Inspiration

Your landing page is your business’ storefront. It’s your way of promoting and eventually selling your products or services. It is a challenge today to create one that truly resonates with your customers and instantly leads them to convert. But the fact remains that a well-done landing page can significantly affect your business.

You can no longer stick with the traditional formula of older websites, where a big heading, a flash-embedded video, and a huge wall of text will do the trick. You have to be conscious about how your users are going to react, and make the landing page speak to your users in their language.

Here are a couple of things you should keep in mind and places where you can find landing page inspiration.

Look Through Your Social Media Feeds

Social media platforms are a great way to find landing page inspiration. 

How? Well, the fact is that your social media feed contains discussions happening in real-time. These conversations are the most relevant thing to your brand message.

You can draw inspiration for a relevant quote, find a perfect phrase, or learn about a new problem. Sort out your latest discussions, and look for what is trending.

Particularly focus on the language. The way your followers phrase their thoughts and ideas is the way you should talk to them.

Make Sure Your PPC Landing Page is Relevant to the Keywords

The truth is simple – if you don’t deliver on what you promised, your users will be disappointed. Sadly, it’s a common online experience to click on a search result, and find yourself at a place where you have no idea what you are doing at all.

Therefore, as every pay per click agency will tell you, it is of an essence that your landing page fits the keywords you are bidding on, and that the ad copy delivers the promise.

For example, if your target keyword phrase is “package deals to Hawaii”, sending people to the landing page that looks like “15 reasons why Hawaii is the best holiday spot” isn’t the way to go.

The user needs to find exactly what they are looking for when they go to your ad.

A Site that Did it Well: Wistia

landing page inspiration Wistia Image Source:

Wistia is a website whose creators certainly thought its landing page out well.

As soon as you open the page, you see a one-field form where you can create an account. The background is blue, with minimal patterns, and it makes a great contrast to the white form fields.

The form fields are long enough and placed perfectly, so that they build almost no pressure for a user to create an account.

Yet, if you are having second thoughts, you can simply scroll down to check out the FAQ and get the answers you need.

The two parts of the landing page have a blunt color contrast, so your focus on converting is smooth.

A Site that Did it Well: Muzzle

landing page inspiration muzzle

Image Source:

Another website that knows what it’s doing is Muzzle. The main idea of a landing page is to help you determine whether the product or service is actually worth investing in. The best way a website can do this is by giving you a straightforward representation of what its app is supposed to do.

Muzzle is a Mac app with the purpose of silencing on-screen notifications. The landing page perfectly shows you what the app is supposed to do.

When you come to the page, on your right you see a whole bunch of humorously “awkward” notifications, appearing in complete silence. What better way to show off the app’s usefulness?

In Summation

Your landing page has an important job to do – drive your visitors to convert. This is why you need to be creative and smart.

There are a lot of sources of information where you can find the inspiration for how to do it right. Or, you can look at how other websites like Wistia or Muzzle designed their landing pages, and learn from their example.


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