logo design is important

5 Reasons Why Logo Design is Important

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Did you know you that you can tell an entire story without saying anything? It is possible to catch someone’s eye and have them react emotionally in an instant.

While this sounds like a near-impossible task, great logos serve that purpose.

Logos are the cornerstone of your identity. It’s where a relationship with your customer begins and follows along through their entire journey with you. Like any worthwhile relationship, a certain amount of work is needed. A poorly designed logo may turnoff a customer. The following examples will illustrate why logo design is important for your brand.

First Impressions Are Important

You only have mere seconds to show someone what your brand is about. Your customers not only need to see personality but they also need to understand the setting where your brand lives in.

An example of this would be Jon Contino’s revamp of American Eagle’s logo, where he wanted to create a sense of nostalgia:

“The inspiration came from the American culture that most people don’t think about. Stuff that we might take for granted. I wanted to focus on the time we spend as kids getting into trouble: running around the neighborhood with friends, getting lost in the woods, making fires on the beach. Whatever we used to occupy our time with in between the world of carelessness and responsibility.”

A clear first impression is created, and a picture of where the brand lives is established.

Logos Are A Cultural Symbol

The best form of advertising is word of mouth. Once a customer is in love with your product or company, they can become evangelists for your brand.

Consumers are 92% more likely to trust recommendations from friends and family than any other forms of advertising.

If a friend is wearing a shirt with a logo or they see a sticker on a laptop, curiosity arises in us and we want to know what it stands for.

Logo design that is successful represents the personality of customers as well as the personality of your brand. Customers are not only fans, they are also a part of your culture, and that’s a powerful thing.

Logos Separate You from Competitors

Having a strong logo raises the chance of standing out from other brands. Beyond just choosing a powerful typeface or symbol, a growing trend is the use of hand-drawn illustration.

well design logo mascot

Image Credit: The Art of Matt Kaufenberg

Having a mascot gives you the opportunity of owning not only owning a one of a kind piece but being the owner of a character.

Logos Are Recognizable

Your identity needs to be understood on a local, national, and international level.

Expansion relies heavily on clear communication of what your product does as well as attracting customers. It is no coincidence that the most powerful companies in the world are also some of the most recognizable and influential as well.

Logos Follow You Everywhere

logo design apple store

Image Credit: International Business Times

Your logo is going to be everywhere, on your website, your t-shirts, your stickers, your business cards, etc. Where ever your business is present your logo will follow, so it is important to make your logo worth it.

Your logo has to tell a tale and create a feeling in your customers.

If your logo can accomplish that, you’ve told a story without even saying a word.

No doubt having a well-designed logo is important. A great way to get a well-designed logo is by using online logo maker like Logojoy.

Logojoy makes the process of logo creation super easy. Logojoy can automatically generate logos based on questions you answer. If you do not like the suggestions provided, you can request more logos. Once you’ve chosen a logo it’s easy to keep making changes until it’s exactly the way you want it.



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  1. Great share you given here. LOGO for each business is a great thing in marketing and it becomes good investment for each business from local to international brand.

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