DIY valentine's day love pillows

Make Love Pillows, Not War this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is always challenging for me since red and pink are my least favorite colors. And it seems that once the day starts approaching, stores whip out everything red, pink, and white.

Suddenly there are novelty knick-knacks at the end of every grocery aisle, and it seems as though you’re swimming through heart-shaped paraphernalia left and right. It’s almost impossible for me to find something to decorate the house with that will stand the test of time and be multi-purpose.

So, I took matters in to my own hands, literally, and created a retro, hipster-ish ‘love’ pillow from felt.

It’s complete with hand-written typography and only one pink heart as a stand in for the ‘o.’ Essentially, it’s a perfect addition to any bed or couch during this season if you too want to step away from the mainstream.

The steps are simple, but it is time consuming. However, think of it as a little labor of love for yourself.



materials for making love pillows

  1. Felt, two pieces for the pillow and then colors for the letters
  2. Stuffing, quilt batting, or a pillow insert
  3. Embroidery Needle
  4. Embroidery Thread
  5. Love letters, you can download ours here
  6. Scissors


Step 1

love pillow tutorial step 1

Cut out the letters and then use them as a guide to cut out the felt to make the felt letters.


Step 2

love pillow tutorial step 2

Pin the felt letters to the piece of felt that will be used for the pillow front. Then, thread your needle and start sewing a cross-stitch like what was used on the felt birds. Make sure to outline all of the letters in this manner.


Step 3

love pillow tutorial step 3

Once the letters are sewed on, flip the felt piece over and match it up to the felt piece for the back of the pillow. Start sewing it shut and go all the way around the pillow until there is only a two inch opening left.

Then, inside out the pillow, stuff it, and sew it the rest of the way shut.


And now you have your very own love pillow that should you decide, can stay out all year round and be ready for next Valentine’s Day.






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Paulina Kay

Paulina Kay

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  1. This is adorable! I love the colors you used and the lettering is perfect. Pinning! I’d love for you to come link up at The Makers! The party just started this morning at! See you there!

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