How To Make Valentine’s Day Cards Out Of A Deck Of Cards

Ahhh, love. The hard-to-get games, the mind games, and now the texting games. It’s no wonder that when thinking about Valentine’s Day, I found myself in front of playing cards. Because let’s face it, what’s more perfect than using a deck of cards to coyly state your feelings?

Besides, there is so much fun to have with the word play that this solution to the traditional Valentine’s Day card is perfect for boyfriends, girlfriends, or just plain ole friends.

From fast fixes to more intensive timing required, there’s a card style for even the most feint of creative heart. Let the examples below spark your own Valentine creations.

Materials for each card vary, but all designs were pasted on to a 4.25×5.5’’ postcard.


deck of cards valentines day card
This design is perfect for anyone looking to throw on He’s Just Not That Into You or re-runs of True Blood, since it requires the time consuming art of collage.

You’ll need magazine clippings, sequins, sparkles, scrapbook paper, and whatever other material you’d like to glue down to form a mini work of art. Basically, you’ll be spending time figuring out how to fit the elements together to make something pretty.

Save these labors of love for only the truly admired individuals in your life.


deck of cards valentines day card 2
The word play in this one doesn’t need any typography. That is also assuming that whoever receives this card knows gambling terminology to recognize that this stands for two-of-a-kind.

A simple design, you’ll just need some red washi tape, glue, and the cards to make this cute design in less than 2 minutes.


deck of cards valentines day card 3
This requires a bit more time, but not too much. 5 minutes tops.

Just select a scrapbook paper pattern, cut it in to strips, and glue them down over the joker. Then, measure out a piece of washi tape, write your message on it, and stick it to the card.

Make sure to use a permanent marker to avoid smudging.


deck of cards valentines day card 4
With a sponge tip brush, some red acrylic paint, a dab of glue, and a permanent marker, this card takes around 10 minutes, most of which is drying time.

First, paint a patch of red on the card and let it dry. Then, glue down the playing card. After that, use the brush to dab a couple of red streaks over top, write on your sentiment, and done.


deck of cards valentines day card 5
This two material card takes less than two minutes, so even those who insist a creative bone doesn’t exist in their bodies can make it.

Glue down the playing card, write your message on the washi tape pieces with a permanent marker, and then stick to opposing corners of the playing card.

See? That wasn’t so bad.








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