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3 Unique Ways To Improve Your Brand’s Marketing Message

You could spend a lot of time (and money, of course) on a perfect marketing strategy and still end up without results. It’s one thing to have a great idea, but to make it work is entirely another.

The biggest problem lies in your marketing message. Today the competition is so vast that 90 percent of all marketing messages turn into clutter on the web. In these circumstances, it is very difficult to stand out and a great marketing strategy doesn’t mean anything if it’s not gonna reach the audience.

We have put together a short list of tips that will help you to get noticed in the middle of this marketing hurricane.

1. Look Before You Leap

In the modern world of business where you need to invest a lot of money just so start a business this kind of advice looks too obvious. Unfortunately, it’s not quite like that.

Maybe you’re paying attention where every buck goes, but in the marketing phase – paradoxically – people tend to jump to conclusions. Maybe it’s because they’ve already invested so much energy that now they wanna let the whole world know they exist. And this is where the problem lies – there is no way that the whole world is gonna be interested in your brand, meaning that probably some amount of your time and money is going into nothing.

In order to create effective marketing messages, first, you need to know who your brand is for. That means that the first step should always be to identify your target audience.

Only that way you can get a hold of qualified leads which are necessary so your messages could end up where they’ll bring results.

2. Every Conversation Starts with Small Talk

Although many people forget to do it in their we’re-open- for-business frenzy, identifying your target audience is nothing complicated. In fact, you were already aware of that from the beginning, since you’ve created your products or services for a specific purpose. But determining who’s gonna need to use them is not the end of the road.

The next step is to gather up some personal data on these people so you can find the best way to approach them with your marketing message. You need to ask yourself what are the everyday challenges they face, what do they like and don’t like, where do they like to go, what are their weak spots, etc.

Every marketing messaging should be like a friendly conversation with a potential customer, and every conversation starts with small talk about the things they like. That way you’re gonna learn the essential thing – to speak their language.

Once you know how to approach every type of person inside your target audience you will be able to tailor your campaigns.

In other words, you’ll be able to customize your messaging and find the appropriate channels in which to send them in order to be sure they’ll reach the target.

3. Different Strokes for Different Folks

Today it seems like the whole world has gone online, but that doesn’t mean some of your target audience couldn’t be found elsewhere. On the streets of the material world, for example.

If you’ve done an extensive research on your target audience you’ve probably noticed that not all people avoid using printed media. This means that your marketing campaign mustn’t be only digital – you need to be able to wait for them offline, also.

By simple implementation of effective exhibition stands you can make sure that all these ‛digital outcasts’ receive all your messaging equally. Many people are neglecting this part of marketing strategies because they think it’s too old-fashioned, but the truth is quite the opposite.

There will always be people who like printed media (if for nothing else, then for the sake of nostalgia) so being present in this way can make you easily stand out due to a much smaller competition.


When you look at these three tips above you might not find anything unique in them at first sight.

However, these are the steps in messaging that are quite often skipped. There are a lot of advice on the web what to do after, but if you try out these ways you’ll probably have no need for any additional advice.

Leila Dorari

Leila Dorari is an entrepreneur, freelance writer and business-improvement enthusiast from Sydney. Currently, she is consulting companies on various effects different marketing solutions can have on their business. In her spare time you can usually find her window shopping.

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