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5 Merchandise Marketing Trends You Should Follow

Most individuals involved with merchandise marketing remember the “good old days” when it was enough to simply put the new product on the shelf, or in the store window, and people would buy it right away.

However, everything labeled “good old” is a thing of a past, and it’s the same thing with merchandising. With the evolution of the internet and with advancements in technology, merchandisers and marketers have to find new ways of approaching wide audiences.

As a merchandising marketer, you have to create a reason for people to visit your store. With eCommerce, almost everything has become available to everyone with an internet connection. That’s why you must focus on self-representation and you need to understand what works in the best possible way for your business.

We did a bit of digging around and we’ve come up with this short guide through some of the most useful practices in merchandise marketing. So, let’s not waste any more time and let’s get straight to it.

Lighting is Extremely Important

Not many things affect people as much as dynamic lighting does. With just some color, regulation of its intensity, the definition of its direction and movement you can easily attract new customers, but you can also guide them through your store.

It seems a bit silly, but proper lighting is one of the key factors in turning shoppers into customers.

When featuring a product, you should put it in a brighter light in order to make it stand out. Incandescent lamps have a sharp and very bright glow, so think about using those whenever you want to emphasize the details of a product.

Never combine colored lighting with the packaging in a different color. This can confuse your customers and create an undesired reaction.

Also, you should always be careful with the choice of colors, as colors influence our mood.

merchandise marketing lighting

Neuromarketing and What Does that Mean

One of the best ways to get more customers and to understand their needs is through neuromarketing. It may sound complicated and difficult to master, but it really isn’t.

Neuromarketing is based on the psychology of buying habits of your customers. It analyzes their needs and desires in order to help you understand how to adapt your business to match those needs and desires.

Basically, neuromarketing is the psychology behind every customer you ever had. With some basic psychological principles, you can really achieve quite a lot.

Making your store spacious and adding some colored lights can help you set the overall mood. The choice of music and the placement of your products are also important, so do your research and try to understand what drives your customers.

Use online marketing tools to help you, but make sure to keep the human factor active as much as possible. There are some old and tested marketing techniques you can also try out, that may help you with a better understanding of your customers.

Originality in Every Sense
merchandise marketing originality

Shoppers and customers don’t want to see the exact same thing in every store they visit. Even though minimalism is at its peak when it comes to marketing, sometimes you need a different approach. You need to show some originality and be different. This way you can attract more customers.

Use custom-made furniture, original visual pieces, don’t be afraid to spruce up the place – but don’t overdo it.

You can hand gifts to your customers in order to create trust and loyalty. Small gifts like custom t shirts, stickers, fridge magnets, and similar merchandise can really make a difference in a long run.

Don’t be afraid to invest in promotional materials, as it will help you evolve your business.

Interactive Experience

With the technology advancing at such a steady pace, it has become somewhat of a necessity to use it even with merchandise marketing. Brands are focusing more on the experimental marketing and they are revealing completely new and unexpected opportunities.

With augmented reality, you can show your customers things you weren’t able to just a couple of years ago. Smart mirrors increase the chances of a sale as customers get to learn absolutely everything about the product they are looking or buying.

If you focus on digital enhancement of the shopping experience, you can achieve quite a lot, very quick. Do your research, ask for feedback, and don’t be afraid of the future.

Find a New Use for Everyday Items merchandise marketing everyday items

Shop windows are very underestimated in this era of digital marketing. Everyone is trying to put all of their products online, but not many people think about their actual stores.

Shop windows are actually still a very powerful tool for getting your customers’ attention. Using some ordinary items as extraordinary decoration can really make your store window stand out.

Paint cans, wire hangers, old tech – with a little bit of imagination and creativity, you can make your shop window become a focus for everybody who passes by.

Final Words

A lot of marketers and small businesses forget how important every aspect of their marketing campaigns are.

Focusing on your website and social media can do you wonders, but it should be used to emphasize your brand, not to represent it entirely.

Do a bit of researching, focus on merchandising and how your store looks like, and you will be amazed by the results in no time.

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