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8 Offline Marketing Strategies that Can Improve Your Online Reputation

A great part of your online marketing strategy depends on the rankings of your website. The ultimate goal is increasing organic traffic.

Even though nowadays, a lot of it is done online, no one is stopping you from executing offline marketing strategies and working toward increasing brand awareness.

Apart from the well-known strategies of paying for a newspaper, radio or a TV ad, there are several more worth trying.

1. Include Your URL on Everything

This is not difficult to understand, if you want to attract more viewers to your page, you have to tell them how to find you and remind them of that option.

Everything you print or make should have your web address on it. This includes all giveaways, event swag, brochures, business cards, uniforms, billboards, even your laptop bag etc.

Sometimes, if the name of your business is included in the URL, you do not even have to write anything else. Make a keychain with just your web address written on it and everyone who sees it will be tempted to visit the website.

2. Build a Professional Network

A professional network is essential for building your actual reputation and brand image. You can use buddy marketing and promote the buddy business with your clients, and vice versa. You can refer each other clients looking for related services.

Also, you can apply for big projects and offer a wider range of services and outsource one part of them to one or more businesses from your network. The network is built through different professional events you attend, college connections, online communities, or by working in shared office environments.

3. Conduct Online Surveys

Hand out leaflets and put up billboards which explain that you are conducting online surveys. Each participant will have to visit your website. You can offer incentives for those who choose to assist you.

This type of campaign will help you kill two birds with one stone by increasing your online traffic and by giving you a better insight into the market demand and your brand’s reputation.

4. Online Promotions

The strategy is similar to the one above in its basic set-up. You need to print material alerting the public that there is an online promotion going on. For example, if you are running a store, you probably print catalogs as it is, so simply include a sentence stating that you offer a certain percentage discount on all online purchases.

This should help people see exactly what it is you offer and they might need, and also inform them about how they can get a better price.

5. Support A Cause

A more subtle way of doing this is sponsoring certain events. The events will, of course, include banners with your logo and the URL, your products and t-shirts or giveaways.

You will also gain some publicity through media. This type of campaign can be conducted on a higher level by fighting for a cause which promotes your main mission and your brand image.

Usually, we come across these with environmentally – friendly businesses and their efforts to promote green living and animal rights.

6. Share Your Expertise

Since you are an expert in your field, share your knowledge and your experience. Choose topics that you feel passionate about, or focus on problem-solving to assist others.

You can do so by speaking at conferences or on a panel. Also, you can write articles and have them published in niche-related magazines, or even more general ones if the topic makes sense.

7. Point of Sale

Locate retailers and other business related to your niche, and make a deal with them to use display systems to promote your business at the point of check-out.

Make sure that they include brochures customers can take along and analyze at home. Make sure that your URL is the most prominent piece of information on the display.

8. An Ad on the Move

Put your ad and the web address on the side of your vehicle. This way it will reach more audience than you think. Wherever you go, it will be there to promote the business.

At least you will get some good from being stuck in traffic as others around you will be able to get a good look at your ad. Perhaps they will look you up straight away out of curiosity.

You can scale this strategy up by paying for it to be printed on buses and have your ad circle the city.

Your business depends on its reputation and advertising. This is why you should use all of the channels available to promote it.

Offline efforts may seem unrelated to your online reputation but this is only a superficial impression. As long as you have the means of reaching out to your target audience, you should use it.

The chances are that those interested will Google your business anyway, but it does not hurt to have your URL visible to remind them that they can do it straight away.

Steven Clarke

Steven Clarke is a business consultant, marketing specialist and a regular contributor to several reputable websites. His areas of expertise include digital and traditional marketing, web design, social networks and everything new and innovative in the business world. When not working on new projects, he likes to spend time with his daughter in the great outdoors.

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