robots, dinosaurs, and ninja! ideas for your boy's birthday party

Ninjas, Robots, and Dinosaurs! Party Ideas For Your Boy’s Birthday

Does your little guy love searching for dinosaur bones in your backyard? Does he enjoy showing off his impressive ninja maneuvers to guests? Can he mimic a robot like no one else? Then give him a birthday party to remember that includes all of his favorite action and adventure activities!

Have your guests go on a hunt for lost dinosaur fossils. Let them demonstrate their stealthy martial arts skills to one another. And for the perfect adventure party, give them lots of robot, ninja, and dinosaur sweets to eat! has created an inspiration board full of ideas for your boy’s birthday party. Use it to design your next birthday bash and be sure to drop by for all of your party invitation needs.


ideas for your boys birthday party

Featured Invitation: Ninja vs. Robot vs. Dino 

  1. Ninja cupcakes via Stiletto Studio

  2. Robot napkin holder via The Party Wagon

  3. Ninja balloons via Joanna Ciolek

  4. Dinosaur punch via Spaceships and Laser Beams

  5. Dinosaur cookies via Etsy

  6. Dinosaur bones via Preschool Playbook

  7. Robot cake via Betty Crocker

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