The Patchwork Show

The Patchwork Show: The Ultimate California Handmade Fesitval

The Patchwork Show that took place on the water’s edge at Marine Stadium in Long Beach is a bi-annual modern handmade festival that showcases local emerging artists, crafters, and designers.

It is a labor of California love because 90% of the vendors are from the immediate region and 99% are within the very state.

With over 100 local vendors selling a variety of crafted goods, you’re bound to come across something unique that is beautiful, classical, or quirky.  Not convinced? I’ll let the images speak for themselves.


clay mugs

These white clay mugs by Klai Brown have distinctively placed lines to create faces that are both captivating and expressive. While these are gold plated, there were also sets that were strictly black on white.


gold rings

I love a good ring, and these ones from Prism Boutique were both solid, sturdy, and creatively constructed. As the ring glides up your finger, the cylinder across the top rolls—so fun! Plus, I like that they displayed the rings in a bowl of rice.


birthday congratulations

Instead of getting frustrated with your commute, get one of these necklaces for comedic relief. Part of the Commuter Collection by L. Makai, you can track your route through the subway. Not a New Yorker? Makai also offers pendants for those of us that use the Los Angeles freeways.



The classic birthday congratulation offered in a clever play on words.


sock puppet

The sock puppet just got an update. The vibrant colors on these creatures will definitely brighten up any little one’s day.


plush foxes

What does the fox say? I still don’t really know, but this little guy made by Jane Ragasa for Janie XY is so adorable I don’t mind if he doesn’t make a sound.


purses, clutches. and bags

 The perfect combination of leather and vintage fabric, Vaalbara offers stylish and completely durable change purses, clutches, and bags.


fancy tea cups

If you don’t fancy a cup of tea, how about a scented candle tea cup? These cups from Whose Woods Are These would make the perfect addition to any side table or bedroom night stand.



I wish I could put one of these posters in every anatomy classroom. The calligraphy is precise and the drawings follow suit. Meagan Segal even expands upon this to include a collection of cards and pillows in the same style for Mome Rath Garden.



Smartphones have become everyone’s new favorite clock. It’s understandable that people may think watches are a think of the past. However, Pretty for Peanuts is on trend with the layered bracelet look by offering a slew of reclaimed watch heads alongside leather strips and gold or silver chains to make them the perfect go-to for keeping up with the times.


soft leather purses

These neutral purses are anything but plain. Made from the softest leather, the adjustable strap also detaches to make this a great evening clutch.


succulent planters

 I wasn’t expecting to see plants, but this booth had cute succulent planters that were ready to take home.


game of thrones sweatshirts

Remember when the world collectively gasped at the final episode of Game of Thrones this past season? Fellow fans will understand the starkness (hah, get it?!) of these white words on a black sweatshirt from So Effing Cute.


funny t-shirts

 Yeah, yeah, you were told not to play with your food, but that doesn’t mean you can’t play with food in t-shirt slogans.


A Christmas Story paraphernalia

Just when you thought you’d seen A Christmas Story paraphernalia everywhere, it has now made it’s debut on cookies thanks to Linzy Kearbey, owner of Parchment. She’ll even accept the challenge to make your own personally imagined cookies become a reality.


Paulina Kay

Paulina Kay

is an artist, photographer, kitten lover and milkshake enthusiast who grew up in Michigan and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in fine art and sunbathing. She hopes to one day marry Trueblood's Alexander Skarsgard.

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