13 things you need for the perfect pastel party

13 Things Needed to Throw a Pretty Pastel Party

Image Source: Jelanie Shop

With spring in the air and Easter on it’s way, I just want everything to be covered in peach, mint green, and soft yellow. During this time of year, nothing is prettier than pastels. Any occasion or party can benefit from a pastel color palette.

It’s also pretty easy to get all the food, table decor, and snacks rocking the same soft-hued look. Here’s how you can incorporate this delicate palette into your next party.



pastel birthday cake
Image Source: Your My Fave 

Just because you’re not celebrating a birthday doesn’t mean that a cake can’t be involved. Everyone appreciates a good-tasting cake, and you can boast one that has good-looking toppers.

Learn how to make these delightful ones here.

strawberry pastel birthday cake
Image Source: Amilassie 

The inside of the cake should look just as delectable as the outside, so opt for a strawberry flavored batter to get a soft pink hue that will delight on any plate.



pastel champagne sangria
Image Source: Kiran Tarum 

Citrusy champagne sangria is a perfect drink to celebrate spring time.

This light beverage is full on flavor and soft on color to fit perfectly with the theme. Find the ratios for mixing it here.


pastel green lemonade
Image Source: Hello Naomi 

Make this mint green drink by mixing lemonade and blue kool-aid together. Sugary? Yes. But you deserve the sweetest!


pastel milkshakes
Image Source: We Heart It

Surprise guests by offering milkshakes. Mixing up classic vanilla or strawberry shakes is a wonderful way to welcome spring and get everyone excited about the promise of warmer weather.



pastel white flowers
Image Source: Fab You Bliss 

Upgrade fresh cut flowers by placing them in a glass vase filled with cut lemons. Super simple, yet immediately eye-catching. Plus, the lemons helps improve water flow in the stems of the flowers.

pretty pastel flowers
Image Source: Lover.ly

Using a succulent in a tiny votive to serve as a place card is the epitome of adorable. Plus, it can double as a party favor thank you!

delicate pastel flower petals
Image Source: Happy Living

Another way to add a hint of spring to the table of course involves more flowers. However, placing delicate petals in an ice cream cone steps outside of the conventional.

It’s a gorgeous, fun take on two classic symbols.



pretty pastel card stock garland
Image Source: Etsy

Nothing spruces up a wall like some garland. Using card stock or paint swatches, you can apply a large hole punch to create perfect circles.

Then, simply sew the pieces together on a machine or by hand. Short on time? You can purchase pastel garland on Etsy.

pretty pastel garland
Image Source: Your Cloud Parade 

If you want a little more texture and sway to adorn your space, incorporate this tassel party garland.



pretty lavender lollipops

Imahe Source: Sprinkle Bakes

The dried flowers in these lavender lollipops makes them feel anything but childish. Whip up your batch by following directions here.

pretty pastel doughnuts
Image Source: Coco Cake Cupcakes

Having these colorful, sprinkled donuts around is a guaranteed to generate feel-good energy. Find the recipe and instructions to make them here.

heart shaped cake
Image Source: Flickr

Marshmallows are pretty super, but pale pink heart-shaped homemade marshmallows are even better. These are mixed with pink food coloring and rose water.


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