purple baby shower inspiration board

7 Stunning Ideas For A Purple Baby Shower

Oubly.com has created a purple baby shower inspiration board that exudes simple sophistication with gorgeously made pasties and chic decorative elements that your expectant friend or family member will love.

Featured Card: Flower Border Baby Shower Thank You Card 

  1. Balloon decorations via Our Crafts ‘N’ Things

  2. Purple Cocktail via Sweatpants and Coffee

  3. Cupcakes via Delightfully Dowling

  4. Mason jar centerpiece via Etsy

  5. Cake Pops via Cake Central

  6. Candied apples via Frayed & Fancy

  7. Paper rosettes via Etsy

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Anna Keizer

Anna Keizer

writes for Oubly.com, an online platform specializing in stationery cards. When she is not writing for Oubly, Anna enjoys writing screenplays and creative non-fiction. You can also read up on her daily adventures through her blog The Chicago DispLAcement

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    1. This baby shower invite is for sale. We do not sell the other decorations in the post.

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