Salvador Dali Clock Inspired Pot Covers

Salvador Dali Clock Inspired DIY Flower Pots

I have a mint leaf plant and chives that have taken a turn for the worst.

They seem to have traded in their happy, preppy, luscious selves to take on a more droopy, flimsy persona. So, I figured if I put them in a new home, they’d become happy again. And why not transfer their seemingly Surrealist attitudes (a la Salvador Dali) to the pot in an effort to shed it from them to promote healthy growth?

Here’s how to go all out Dali, or be a little more reserved if a full on melt-fest isn’t your thing.


  1. Clay Pots
  2. Masking Tape
  3. Acrylic Paint in One or Three Different Color Options (I used FolkArt Acrylic Paint in French Blue, Coastal Blue, Light Blue, and Sky Blue)
  4. Old Magazines
  5. Cardboard or Drop Cloth


Step 1

salvador dali clock inspired flower pot materials

Start by cleaning the exterior of your pot and placing on a sturdy stand upside down. Rolling up old magazines and bunching them together makes for a quick and easy set-up.


Step 2

salvador dali clock inspired flower pot 2

Tape off the hole in the middle using masking tape. Don’t worry, you can cut this back open once the project is finished.


Step 3

salvador dali clock step 3

If you’re going all out Dali, take your first paint color and squirt a generous amount in to the middle of the pot.


Step 4

salvador dali clock step 4

Then, squeeze out your next color on top of the first and the last color on top of the previous.


Step 5

salvador dali clock step 5

It’s basically a paint layer game until you notice that the paint starts to fall off over the edge of the pot.


Step 6

salvador dali clock step 6

The paint should be thick enough that it will be moving rather slowly and not completely wanting to rush off the side. So, take a brush and slowly push out the paint to force it down the sides. Once you’re happy with your design, wait for it to dry completely before you begin planting.


Step 7

salvador dali clock step 7

Ok, so if you want a tamer pot design, stick to one color. Prep the pot and tape up the hole. Take your paint and mix it down with a little bit of water. Shake or stir together. Then, squeeze the paint around the edge rather than in the middle.


Step 8

salvador dali clock step 8

Take a brush and carefully move the paint so that it begins to drip down the sides. Once you like the design, stop and wait for the paint to completely dry before planting anything in the pot.


Finished Flower Pots

finished salvador dali clock pot

finished salvador dali clock pot 2

finished salvador dali clock pot 3

finished salvador dali clock pot 4

Finished designs with high hopes that these plants will counteract their melting pot ways!


salvador dali clock inspired pots

These Surrealist pots are a great addition to the Denim Flower Pot cover to make a happy family of plants.

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