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Score With These Super Bowl Party Decorating Ideas

Are you ready for some football fun? The Super Bowl is less than a week away, so if you’re hosting a party for the big game, now is the time to start figuring out your celebration plans.

If your worrying over what to do don’t sweat it, the staff at Oubly has your game plan. This is a first in a series of articles that will cover your parties decor, food, and desserts.

So lets begin! You can take your party up a notch with the following Super Bowl party decoration ideas! We’ve gathered a list of some fun and entertaining ways to make sure that your shindig is the only one your friends are talking about come Monday!


Chalkboard Fun


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Whether it’s to explain a new play or deconstruct the opponent’s strategy, the coach’s chalkboard is instrumental to the game of football. This element also happens to be a perfect accompaniment to any Super Bowl party.

Use a chalkboard to tell all your guests about the delicious food and drinks you have available for them on game day. If your friends want to place friendly over-under bets on the game, you can keep track of their guesses on a chalkboard.

You can even put chalkboard contact paper on your tables and let your guests work out their own fantastic plays for the game.


Astro Turf Enjoyment

astro turf

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Take a trip to any of a dozen different NFL stadiums across the country, and you’ll find a hundred yards of bright green Astro Turf gleaming back at you.

Though the majority of stadiums use natural grass, you can still find the artificial green stuff in plenty of venues—and your local home improvement store.

For a whimsical Super Bowl party attraction, use this easy to cut material as a makeshift tablecloth, coasters, and even decorative plate platters.


Throwback Hip

NFL Super Bowl gear

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The NFL has a long and storied history. The National Football League was founded in 1920, long before the first Super Bowl was played in 1967. Since then, plenty of fantastic teams and players have been part of this notable organization.

You can highlight some of your favorite players of the past by putting up posters of them around your home.

Joe Namath, Terry Bradshaw, Barry Sanders, Dick Butkus—there are no shortage of fantastic athletes that you can use for your Super Bowl party plans.


Team Cities Cool

NFL team cities

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This year’s Super Bowl happens to feature two western cities that have distinct qualities for which they are famous.

Seattle is a city with delicious coffee and ample rainfall. Denver has amazing omelets and plenty of snowfall. Both cities happen to have majestic mountain landscapes as well.

Get inspired and make your Super Bowl bash a tribute to one or both cities.


Team Colors Craziness

NFL team colors

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While many franchises in the NFL have similar team colors, Denver and Seattle have color combinations that are definitely distinct from each other.

The Broncos represent in dark blue and orange, while the Seahawks showcase lime green, silver, and light blue. If you know that your guests will be rooting for one team over the other, you can create your own domestic tribute to your favorite franchise with color-coded decorations.

You can hang up garland, put up balloons, and even buy disposable plates, napkins, and silverware in your chosen team’s colors.


Stay tuned tomorrow for our follow up article…5 Super Bowl Food Ideas That Will Make Your Party A Hit.

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