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5 Helpful Products and Services for Your Small Business

Starting a small business used to be a complicated endeavor. Thanks to innovative tools in the marketplace, starting a small business has never been easier.

Even the smallest startup has access to significant resources. From marketing to website building, here are five small business products and services that will make starting your business a little easier.



Are you launching an e-commerce business, but you don’t have programming knowledge or design skills? Here comes Shopify comes to the rescue.

Shopify is a robust website building platform that hosts a number of popular websites. Using Shopify, you will have total control over the design of your website as you get to choose from over a hundred different templates.

Best of all you get a 14 day free trial to test it for yourself.



Oubly offers unique printed products such as edge colored business cards at affordable prices. Handing out business cards from Oubly will surely make an impression on potential customers and help your brand stand out.



If you own a small business and what exposure on the internet, having social media accounts is crucial.

Unfortunately managing your social media can become a full-time job…unless you have Buffer. Buffer helps you handle all of your social media accounts from a single platform. You can also schedule content, post to multiple accounts at once, and even create powerful multimedia elements that boost engagement.

You can try it out for free today!



If your business sells physical products, Square is the perfect service for you.

With Square, small magstripe readers that can be attached to mobile devices to process transactions. Square is also a full-service credit card processing solution for businesses.

You can accept virtually any payment from anywhere. It’s great for startups that sell products online, in-store, and on the go.



Running a small business brings a ton of tasks that need to get done. With so many things going on you need to make sure your productivity remains on track.

Trello can be extremely useful for creating outlines of tasks. You can use Trello to assign tasks to your team members, and you can schedule a deadline and a reminder.

You can also move a team member’s task to another member if they are too swamped to complete the task in good time.


With resources like these, you can quickly get your small business started and scale your company into the business you want it to become.

Keep these tools in mind as you carefully evaluate the needs of your business.


Oubly is a platform that offers offers custom business cards, postcards, canvas prints, and more.

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