Amazing Spiderman party ideas Oubly

7 Amazing Spiderman Birthday Party Ideas

Do you have a pint-sized Spider-Man in your house? If your little one likes to scale couches in a single bound and fight off bad guys in his sleep, you can celebrate his heroic skills with a Spider-Man birthday bash.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is coming to the big screen May 2, so now is the perfect time to set into motion a party with some superhero pizzazz.

From super delicious Spider-Man desserts to epically awesome capes and place settings, you can incorporate Peter Parker’s extraordinary alter ego into every aspect of your budding superhero’s birthday party.

amazing spiderman party ideas oubly


  1. Popcorn containers via Catch My Party

  2. Superhero place settings via The Party Wall

  3. Spider-Man cake via Kara’s Party Ideas

  4. Spider-Man cupcake via A Night Owl

  5. Spider webs via Parties for Pennies

  6. Superhero capes via Jolly Mom

  7. Bottled water via Bridgey Widgey

Before your little one gets to show off his astonishing spidey senses to all his friends and family, though, you need to pick out the perfect superhero party invitations.

So be sure to visit and browse through our extensive selection of birthday party stationery items today!

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