flavorful fall foods

Spotlight on Flavorful Fall Foods

Are you already packing up the grill and storing the charcoal for another year?  Don’t let the summer signal the end of your culinary fun. Sure, you might have to wait a few months to partake of sizzling hot BBQ ribs with a juicy side of watermelon, but fall is the perfect time to try out some delicious fruits and vegetables that just happen to be in season.

While some of these fall foods can be eaten as is, others make a wonderful main attraction in a freshly baked pie or casserole. As an added bonus, these fall foods all come packed with ample amounts of vitamins and antioxidants!




Let’s throw you right into the fall foods mix with parsnips, shall we? Right now you may be trying to conjure up a mental image of a parsnip, which is a common response. Though highly nutritious and delicious, these yellow-colored root veggies often are overshadowed by their more famous relative, the carrot.

Though parsnips are not an ideal raw food snack, they do offer a wonderfully nutty and sweet flavor to baked dishes. Throw in a few diced parsnips in your next casserole, and you’ll be adding a healthy dose of fiber and potassium to your meal.




Pomegranates hardly suffer from the lack of exposure that parsnips frequently encounter. Over the past few years, pomegranates have popped up everywhere as bottled fruit juice, salad toppings, and even frozen yogurt.

This sudden explosion of interest in these ruby red seeds stems from their impressive amount of antioxidants, so feel free to add them to any dish you see fit, or eat them on their own.

Just be sure to wear a shirt you don’t mind staining, as these juicy seeds tend to discolor fabrics with which they come into contact.




Now we’re getting into familiar territory. Pumpkins are a fall favorite by most standards. Not only can you carve them into superbly scary or silly jack-o’-lanterns, but also you can eat them in scrumptious pies, cupcakes, cookies, and more.

An extremely versatile food, pumpkin is also a highly wholesome one. No matter how you choose to eat it, you’ll get plenty of potassium, vitamin B, and fiber with each bite of pumpkin goodness.




Another fiber powerhouse is the succulent pear. This popular fall fruit also contains an ample quantity of vitamin C, so if you feel a fall cold coming on, make sure to add a pear to your daily diet!

Like most fruits, pears taste great with no preparation at all. Simply rinse one off and chow down. Like pomegranates, pears also make an appetizing addition to a fall salad. Just toss some spinach, walnuts, and grilled pear slices together with a light vinaigrette for a healthy and tasty dish. You can also use pears as the main ingredient for tarts and cobblers.


Sweet Potatoes

sweet potatoes

Looking for a way to jazz up a boring baked potato dish? Why not try sweet potatoes? This orange-hued tuber is not only naturally full of sweet flavor, but also a wonderfully healthy alternative to its common potato cousins.

Sweet potatoes contain a considerable amount of both iron and vitamin A, and you can use them just as you would an ordinary Russet potato. Baked them, fry them, or mash them for a tasty and hearty dish.




When the temperatures drop, do you find yourself craving a piping hot piece of apple pie? Perhaps you prefer an apple tart instead? Whatever your apple passion, fall is the time to indulge it.

Apples may be second only to pumpkins when it comes to quintessential fall foods. Of course, you needn’t do anything more than clean off a fresh apple to enjoy its crisp goodness. Should you want to explore the many ways that this fruit can liven up your fall cuisine, though, you can baked it into an apple critter or dice it into an apple chutney.

As many of the other fine fruits already mentioned, apples can help you get in your daily dose of fiber. Also, remember that old adage about an apple a day keeping the doctor away? Well, the fact that apples come loaded with antioxidants may be the reason why!


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