5 great spring wedding themes

5 Great Spring Wedding Themes

Planning a wedding is like preparing for the Olympics: you dedicate yourself to this single event that you have probably been dreaming about for years. Unlike the Olympics, you don’t have years to become familiar with the ins and outs of your event; in some cases, you have just a few months to pull off the perfect wedding complete with a beautiful dress, wonderful music, delicious fare, gorgeous decorations, and a scrumptious cake to boot.

That is why so many brides pick wedding themes for their big day. A theme can instantly streamline your needs because if a decoration or dessert doesn’t fit into it, you can move onto the next option.

To help you choose the perfect theme for your nuptials, Oubly.com has compiled some popular spring wedding themes for 2016.


Get Beachy

beach themed spring wedding Image Source: Flickr


Who doesn’t love the beach? The sands between your toes. The sun warming your skin.

Few locales contain as much beauty and serenity than the sandy shores of a coastal destination. So why not make it your wedding theme?

A beach theme is great for spring weddings. If all you see is snow all winter long, consider how thrilled your guests will be to escape the chill and ice for a tropical destination wedding.

If you already live within driving distance of a beach, you can throw a wonderful wedding right at home.


Sail the Ocean Blue

nautical themed spring wedding Image Source: Flickr


Did we hear someone say, “Ahoy, matey?” That’s right. Nautical-themed weddings are definitely in style this year.

While beach-themed weddings suggest a laid back atmosphere, nautical weddings evoke a more formal affair. That’s not to say that you can’t throw a casual nautical wedding, but when using nautical flags and other sailing symbols as your guide, you’ll find that nautical often means bright primary colors and bold clean lines. So don’t forget the navy and white stripes!


Give Butterfly Kisses

butterfly themed spring wedding Image Source: Flickr

What comes to mind when you think of spring? Sunny days? Blooming flowers? How about beautiful butterflies?

Just as winter thaws into spring, caterpillars transform into butterflies, making them the perfect symbol of the season. If you love the look of cheery pastels for your wedding, butterflies can infuse energy and life into your color scheme.

Let this gorgeous creature serve as the inspiration for your wedding stationery, bridesmaid dresses, reception décor, and even your wedding cake!


Smell the Roses

rose themed spring wedding Image Source: Flickr


If you want a classic wedding theme, you can’t go wrong with roses. Red roses signify love, so why wouldn’t you use them as your wedding inspiration? Especially if you intend to throw an elegant and romantic affair, roses make the perfect flower for your upcoming nuptials.

The color of this beloved flower can carry over to your wedding attire, your table linens, and your reception lighting. You can also use the image of roses when deciding on your wedding invitations and wedding favors.

Instead of having your guests throw rice or confetti after tying the knot, give them bags of rose petals to toss.


Go Country

country themed spring wedding  Image Source: Flickr


Are you a country girl at heart? Then let your heart lead you when deciding among your wedding theme options.

A country wedding can combine the best of both worlds. Underneath that elegant wedding dress, you can wear your favorite pair of cowgirl boots. When serving you and your groom’s signature cocktails, pour them into hardy mason jars. Once it’s time to cut a rug, have all of your guests gather together for a group line dance.

Going country for your wedding is an ideal way to celebrate with your hair down.


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