Tea Party Inspired Bridal Shower Party Ideas

bridal tea party inspiration board

Are you and your best girlfriends ladies who lunch? Do you love to chat while sipping on a cup of piping hot tea? Then it’s high time that you make your favorite activities the focal point of your friend’s bridal shower.

Tea party inspired bridal shower party ideas combine a multitude of delicate delights. You can enjoy freshly brewed beverages. You can indulge in dainty yet sweet breads, cookies, and cupcakes. Of course, you can also take in the beauty and grace of the exquisitely designed dishware and floral arrangements.

To get your bridal shower party ideas brewing, Oübly.com has crafted an inspiration board that highlights a few decorating and catering options.


  1. Cameo Cupcakes via Sweet Designs 

  2. Stacked Teacups via  Martha Stewart Weddings

  3. Hanging Rose via Martha Stewart Weddings

  4. Profile Tea Cookies via Martha Stewart Weddings

  5. Rose Cupcake via Cup Cakes Diario

  6. Snack Breads via Martha Stewart Weddings
  7. Chair Decoration via Calligraphy By Jennifer

Anna Keizer

Anna Keizer

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