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10 Ways to Make Stunning Thanksgiving Wreaths

It’s Thanksgiving time. Hooray! It’s time to show gratitude and thanks for the blessings around us. And it’s time to smell the glorious scent of pumpkin in the air and see the stunning red, orange and yellows of the season everywhere we go.

As you are preparing for your feast and decorating your home with cornucopias and pine, don’t forget that a wreath is a great way to greet your guests and set the tone for the holiday. We have gathered some of the most stunning, creative and easy-to-make wreaths out there. So grab your glue gun and in no time you’ll be able to create any of these gorgeous Thanksgiving wreaths.

1. Burlap Wreath

burlap Thanksgiving wreaths

Image Via: Pinterest and the Pauper

 The rough, natural appearance of the burlap ribbon in contrast with the bright orange florals is perfection, and it was all made for less than $20!

2. Fall Hyndrangea Wreath

Thanksgiving wreaths fall hydrandea

Image Via: One Little Momma

Is there anything not gorgeous about hydrangeas? We love the idea of finding the flowers in fall colors and bunching them together with ribbon and twine to create this sophisticated Thanksgiving wreath.

 3. Indian Corn Wreath

Thanksgiving wreaths indian corn wreath

Image Via: Stone Gable Blog

This is such a perfect statement piece that it can’t help but set the tone for the Thanksgiving holiday. The combination of the multi-colored indian corn and the fluffed husks is stunning. And it only took 30 minutes to make!

 4. Monogram Fall Wreath

Thanksgiving wreaths monogram fall

Image Via: Craftaholics Anonymous

We are suckers for monogrammed decorative pieces and love this fun DIY wreath. It combines some of our favorite seasonal materials: a natural wooden wreath, burlap, autumn flowers and a painted monogram that can be painted in your favorite color of the season.

5. Acorn Natural Elements Wreath

Thanksgiving wreaths natural elements

Image Via: Live Master

As soon as you click on the link to this amazing Thanksgiving wreath you will see that the instructions are not in English. But that doesn’t matter because the step-by-step pictures are detailed enough to show you exactly how to make this all-natural acorn wreath using nuts, pinecones and twine. So perfect!

6. Burlap Bunting Wreath

burlap bunting Thanksgiving wreaths

Image Via: Make it & Love it

 Simple hand-made burlap bunting hung on a grapevine wreath creates this lovely holiday piece. Using stencils and paint you can customize your message to “Give Thanks” or “Happy Thanksgiving” or whatever you would like it to say.

7. Coffee Filter Fall Wreath

Thanksgiving wreaths coffee filter

Image Via: Handimania

This is probably the most unique Thanksgiving wreath that we have come across. Who knew that coffee filters when properly arranged could be so beautiful? And with just 4 items needed to create it, this couldn’t be an easier DIY project for the holidays.

8. Tulle Turkey Wreath

Thanksgiving wreaths tulle turkey

Image Via: Occasionally Crafty

Is this the cutest turkey wreath you’ve every seen? The use of tulle to create the turkey feathers is genius. If you have kids they would love for this Thanksgiving turkey to greet them at the door every day. Gobble! Gobble!

9. Pine Cone Wreath

Thanksgiving wreaths pinecone wreath

Image Via: Woman’s Day

 This frost-dipped pinecone wreath is not only perfect for the Thanksgiving holiday but this is one that you could leave hung all Winter. This will be a project requiring a glue gun but once it is complete it is simply amazing.

10. Marble Gem Wreath

Thanksgiving wreaths marble gem wreath

Image Via: Centsational Girl

We’ve saved the best (and sparkliest!) for last. This wreath uses just 4 items from the local craft store, most important being autumn-colored glass marble gems. This Thanksgiving wreath is so beautiful you might not want to just hang it on the door…instead let it adorn the mantle or be part of a spectacular centerpiece. You’re guests will be most certainly be wowed!


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