Top 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

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Okay, ladies, it’s less than a week until Valentine’s Day… What did you get for your man? Wait, what’s that you say? Valentine’s Day is for women? On the contrary, this holiday is just as much a day for the fellas as it is for their ladies.

Even if the man in your life swears that he doesn’t need anything come February 14, you can bet that he will feel a twinge of melancholy if you leave him empty-handed. If you’re wondering what to get your guy for Cupid Day, never fear! has come up with 10 great Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your special man.


Treat Him to a Massage

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Does your guy come home from work each night complaining of an aching back? Hours of sitting at a desk can strain the lower back region, leading to chronic back pain and stiffness. Give him a gift certificate to your favorite massage spa to help him overcome this common workplace problem.


Surprise Him with His Favorite Spirit

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Does your man consider him a whiskey man? Or perhaps he thinks himself a connoisseur of vodka? Whatever his drink of choice, it can make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. 


Present Him with Concert Tickets

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 When was the last time your fella got to enjoy his favorite band or musician live? If he is wearing out his iPod or stereo with the same songs and CDs, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to get him concert tickets to see that performer or band in person. What’s that? Your guy is more into basketball than Beck? Then gift him with tickets to see his favorite sports team instead.


Update His Favorite Gadget

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Is your guy moping around because all of his friends have the latest smartphone/videogame console/high-definition television? You can put a smile back on his face by getting him the electronic gadget that he’s wanted all this time. 


Add to His DVD Collection

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 Is your man a fan of Hitchcock? Does he often indulge in Scorsese movie marathons? If your fella is a film aficionado, you can foster his movie love with some new DVDs or Blu-rays to add to his collection.


Help Him Pick Out New Kicks

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Let’s face it. Some men are as obsessed about their sneakers as women as about their heels. If your guy is a self-professed shoe snob, give him the gift he truly wants… New kicks. Given how picky both guys and gals can be about their shoes, this might be one gift where you need to bring your man along for the ride. Sure, it won’t be a surprise, but we promise that he will appreciate it just as much anyway.


Indulge His Inner Child

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When you go to visit friends or family that have children, does your guy seem particularly interested in their toys? Or maybe he spends a little too much time with the playthings that your own children have? If your man a big kid at heart, buy him the toy he secretly wants, but wouldn’t dare buy on his own!


Keep Him Warm

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The warm breeze of spring is still several weeks away for most of the country. If you’re contending with subzero temperatures, make sure that your fella stays warm with a cozy hoodie until the snow says goodbye for another year. 


Let Him Explore His Interests

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Does your man always talk about learning how to fly or box? If time, money, or motivation has been preventing your guy from exploring his secret passions, give him a little push with pre-paid classes or lessons.


Spoil His Sweet Tooth

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When it comes down to it, you man just wants to feel appreciated on Valentine’s Day. If you know that he doesn’t need more shoes or DVDs, you can still show your fella that you love him with a delicious plate of sweets. No matter if he loves cookies, cupcakes, or muffins, you can win over his heart come Cupid Day with this supremely sweet gesture.

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