top 5 halloween apps

Top 5 Halloween Apps

Temperatures are dropping, leaves are falling, and pumpkin patches are springing up everywhere. Fall is here, which means that the tricks and treats of Halloween are near.

If the sight of cotton cobwebs and taste of candy corn aren’t enough to get you in the mood for the first of the season’s major holidays, we know what will: fun and easy-to-use apps!

To get you in a properly frightful frame of mind, Oü has compiled a list of five must-have Halloween Apps for this season. So get your ghoul on and enjoy these digital treats!

1. Carve-a-Pumpkin (iPhone)

carve a pumpkin One of the great joys of parenthood is carving a pumpkin with your little ones for the first time. This tradition typically demands that the parent wields the cutting device for safety purposes, but that doesn’t mean your kids can’t help create a terrifyingly terrific design.

The Carve-a-Pumpkin application by Parents magazine lets little trick-or-treaters get hands-on during the pumpkin carving process. Your children can help decide the shape, sizes, and placement of each feature that makes it onto your Halloween jack-o’-lanterns.


2. Kids Halloween (Android)

halloween kids  Even more so than Christmas or Easter, Halloween comprises a wide array of iconic images and characters. After all, what would Halloween be without Dracula or Frankenstein? And don’t forget the witches, bats, mummies, werewolves, skeletons, and ghosts!

Introducing these colorful creatures to your children can help them learn about the fun and spectacle that makes Halloween so special. The Kids Halloween application displays each major Halloween character with kid-friendly images that will inspire a lifelong love of this holiday.


3. Halloween Soundlab (iPhone)

Halloween-sound-lab Who said that Halloween was only for kids? There’s no reason why grownups can’t get in on the fun, too!

While Halloween night typically caters to the pint-sized crowd, parents and other adults who host visitors can make trick-or-treating a fearfully good time with the Halloween Soundlab application. This innovative program lets users create a soundtrack to the evening’s festivities.

Lights, cobwebs, tombstones, and skeletons can certainly make your front porch look appropriately scary, but the Halloween Soundlab will make sure that your house gets the most attention – and screams! – all night long.


4. Dress Up Halloween (Android)

halloween dress up Many children look forward to Halloween precisely because for one night they can become whatever they want. Whether your little one wants to transform into a princess or zombie on All Hallows’ Eve, you can help him or her make that wish come true with the Dress Up Halloween application.

This easy-to-navigate app lets children put together the costume of their dreams. They can mix and match hats, dresses, and other Halloween attire to conjure up the perfect outfit.

This application can make the actual costume shopping process a whole lot easier for parents, too. Instead of bringing your children to the store where they might get overwhelmed by their options, you can have them pick out what they want ahead of time with the Dress Up Halloween app.


5. Halloween! (iPhone)

Halloween Seeking an application that offers multiple features for a truly ghastly Halloween experience? Then look no further than the Halloween! application by Schatzisoft.

This app is the ideal blend of the fantastical, fun, and practical. If you want to get the whole family excited for this once-a-year celebration of all things creepy and crawly, just download the app and start the countdown to Halloween.

You can also test your loved ones’ Halloween knowledge with the application’s special trivia section. Oops! Did you forget to bring a flashlight during your trick-or-treating excursion? No problem! The Halloween! application comes with its own convenient lighting feature.
Planning a Halloween-themed party this fall? Let Oü help you get the word out with our delightfully scary Halloween invitations for birthdays and other holiday-related celebrations. Just come to Oü today to choose from among our many fun and frightening designs.

Have you come across any Halloween apps that where not featured in this list? Please share your findings with us.

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