how to make doilies from drab to fab

How To Turn Your Doilies From Drab To Fab In 6 Steps

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up those old doilies that have been tucked away for years, then look no further.

With a little bit of fabric stiffener, doilies can become the daintiest fruit bowl, cutest hair tie container, or chicest candleholder.

Follow these super simple steps to transform your doilies from totally drab to totally fab.

Step 1

diy doily bowls step 1

All you’ll need are some balloons, doilies, fabric stiffener, and masking tape to secure the balloons to a piece of scrap cardboard.


Step 2

diy doily bowls step 2

Start by blowing up your balloons to fit the size of the doilies.

It’s a good idea to test out the shape of your balloon by placing your doily over the top of it to get a sense of how it will mold.


Step 3

diy doily bowls step 3

Using the masking tape, secure the balloons to a spare piece of cardboard so that they stand upright.


Step 4

diy doily bowls step 4

Squeeze out a generous amount of fabric stiffener to a plate so that the doilies can be dipped in for easy coating.

We used a paper plate to make clean up extra quick.


Step 5

diy doily bowls step 5

Place the doily in the fabric stiffener. Be sure to coat the front and back with a solid, even layer.


Step 6

diy doily bowls step 6

Place the doilies coated in fabric stiffener over their respective balloons. Smooth out and arrange how you’d like them to harden.

Let them dry overnight for at least 24 hours.


Once completely dry, pop the balloon with a pin and your doily bowl will peel right off. Now you just have to decide what to do with your doily bowl!



doilybowls 3

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