tyler shields shows off at the guy hepner gallery

Tyler Shields Shows Off at Guy Hepner Gallery

The intensity of both light and color are enough to draw attention to the work of Tyler Shields, but the LA-based photographer goes one step further by captivating his audience with risqué and often times dangerous scenes.

Shields’ imagery has been deemed controversial by the media as he has photographed celebrities such as Lindsey Lohan, Mischa Barton, and Emma Roberts in compromising positions.

The photographer defends his work by saying he simply creates environments and allows his subject(s) to react to it. He wants people to look at a photo and question how it was made and what happened before and after the shot.

Since Shields doesn’t use Photoshop (which gives his images extreme merit in my book), he’s been known to hang out the side of buildings and off bridges to get just the right angle. To quote the artist himself, “In the end, it’s pretty simple. People want the impossible from you, and you just have to give it to them.”

A collection of Tyler Shields’ work is on display at Guy Hepner gallery in West Hollywood until November 21st that coincides with the release of his new book, ‘The Dirty Side of Glamour” . Prints can be purchased in 60×40 or 20×30 inch format and each image is an edition of three.

tyler shield photos

tyler shields larget format print

Guy Hepner | 300 N Robertson Blvd. | West Hollywood, CA 90048 | www.guyhepner.com

Additional work by Shields can be seen at his personal website, www.tylershields.com/photos/


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