weird die cut business cards

30+ Most Unusual and Weird Business Cards

Finding some business card inspiration is essential if you’re a graphic designer, these unusual and weird business cards will help keep your creative design ideas flowing! Business Cards are an important part of any business or venture, which is why they need to standout and hold peoples attention.

Sometimes weird business cards can stray away from the conventional business card format with unique and creative design ideas that carry flair and style.

When designing a business card you often need to think about the design elements such as fonts, custom shapes, logo and the print material (eg matte finishing).

Remember also why we carry business cards in the first place. While we may live in a modern, tech savvy world with communications, Internet and cell phones seemingly everywhere, a business card plugs the gaps in between. These gaps in everyday life can and do occur.

Business Card Ideas

Cool custom business cards are insanely useful, since they are discrete, easily carried in wallets or pockets. A business card can communicate a key message and identity very quickly indeed. The card can instantly pass on phone numbers, email address, Skype and instant messenger details and vital web site information.

One of the best aspects of a business card and where it surpasses more modern forms of communication is in its flexibility. On a night out, or in a location with no cell signal a business card can be used to pass on key information when modern technology fails or simply isn’t available.

Or at inconvenient moments, a business card can easily step in and save the day when needed. For instance for passing on important contact details quickly and reliably during impulse meetings and accidental encounters.

We have compiled a collection of over 25 weird business cards from around the world which really say a lot about the various businesses and organizations that they represent. These are high impact business card designs that both innovate and attract attention.

These business card designs surely demonstrate that with some creative flair and imagination; business cards can convey a message with a hard punch that most card recipients will not forget.

die cut business cards

Clam Shaped Die Cut Business Cards Printed by Oubly

Design by Leo Burnett

weird steel business card

Image Source: Cardonizer 

weird rubber business cards

Image Source: Alx Agency

weird lego business cards

Image Source: Awesome Inventions 

weird lamb business cards

Image Source: Card Faves

weird ninja star business cards

Ninja Business Cards design by: NinjaBTL

weird crossword puzzle business cards

Crossword Puzzle Business Cards designed by Jose Antonio Contreras

growable business cards

Growable Business Cards: Image Source

plunger business cards

Plunger Business Cards Designed by Curfew Creative

cargo business cards

Box Business Cards for Tam Cargo

weird clothespin business cards

Image Source:

weird meat business cards

Image Source: Meat Cards

weird USB business cards

Image Source: Choose What

weird peanut business cards

Image Source: Buzz Feed

weird plastic business cards

Image Source: Quora

weird toilet paper business cards

Image Source: Flickr

weird business card

Image Source: Scoop Whoop

weird drivers license business cards

Image Source: Kelli Anderson

weird ruler business cards

Image Source: Flickr

weird pop up business cards

Image Source: Loud Bang

weird shoe scoop business cards

Image Source: Sakin Shrestha

weird price tag business cards

Image Source: Business Insider

weird blood donor business cards

Image Source: Cardonizer

weird t-shirt tag business cards

Source: Job Mob

weird air freshener business cards

Source: Graphic Cave

weird hair dress business cards

Source: OHF

weird pop up business cards

Source: Flickr

weird dog tag business cards

Source: Oubly Blog

weird clear business cards

Source: Heads Inc

weird metal ring business cards

Source: Cool Designs 123

weird cassette tape business cards

Source: Mix Tape Generation

weird boob business cards

Image Source: Ads of the World


What business card did you find the weirdest or most unusual? Let us know in the comments below. If you come across any weird or cool business cards, please share them with us!


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