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5 Extraordinary Wedding Proposals You Can’t Say No To

Who doesn’t love witnessing a wedding proposal? Even if I’m not the lady being asked to get married, simply watching and knowing about it is already makes me teary eyed.

If it was a proposal for me I guess I’d faint from being so shocked and happy. Let’s look at these extraordinary wedding proposals to get inspiration from.

1. Tumblr Dashboard

Oubly tumblr wedding proposals

While social networking sites have been used by everyone, Justin Johnson was clever enough to believe he could take advantage of it by proposing through Tumblr. He started this project by working with a team from Tumblr. The objective was to pop the question on each user’s dashboard where only her girlfriend, Marissa, is allowed to reply.

Fortunately, after a failed attempt of activating the post, the Tumblr team was still able to publish it successfully to all Tumbler accounts. And when Marissa refreshed her Tumblr page and saw the post, she immediately said yes to Justin personally and of course, also replied yes to the post.

2. Arranged Police Arrest

oubly arrested wedding proposals

How scary could it be if you’re suddenly pulled over by the police without breaking any rule? What’s even more frightening is when the police is already acting so rude to arrest you for a reason you don’t know nor understand.

As unique and crazy as it can get, a New Hampshire man, Matt Van Vliet prepared a wedding proposal for her girlfriend, Samantha Labo, by hiring police officers to arrest them on the road. While driving, police officers suddenly asked them to pull over and approached to start the act. And then the next moment, they were told that there is a warrant for Matt’s arrest. As the girl cried and Matt was being handcuffed, the officer acted like he found a ring box from Matt’s body. Matt then took the ring, kneeled down to Samantha and proposed.

3. Fake Movie Trailer

Most couples spend time by eating out and watching movies together. The loving pair, Jake from Illinois and Kristen, was no different as they always have their movie dates, and this is how Jake gained his idea on proposing to her.

When the two were already seated in the movie theatre, a movie trailer was played based on the couple’s love story that Matt prepared. As the story in the trailer went on with actors re-enacting their relationship, Ginny was starting to grow interest and finally found out that it was describing their story. As the trailer ends with a narration, Jake knelt down to her and brought out the ring to ask her to tie the knot with him.

Here is the link of their video:

4. Underwater Treasure Hunt

oubly underwater wedding proposals

When two people who love scuba diving are in a relationship, there’s no other perfect way to do the wedding proposal but underwater.

Couple Alex Montgomery and Lauren Schuhle from Florida enjoyed a very special day when Alex decided to surprise and pop the question while in the waters. To initiate his plan, Lauren was asked to find a treasure chest under the sea.

Without questions, she diligently searched for it and when it was found, Alex took out the flip book he made from the treasure box and showed his poem to her. He then opened a banner where the question was written. Although Lauren couldn’t speak while they were underwater, she waved her arms and hugged Alex for confirmation. Sweet!

5. Online Deal

oubly groupon wedding proposals

Online deal sites usually offer discounted products, travel packages, beauty services, and food and catering services. But take this deal more seriously because it is a non-transferable marriage offer to be bought!

Relative to the current trend, Dana Burck also loves updating herself with the new deals found online. Knowing this, her boyfriend Greg Hill created a fake Groupon deal. With the price of $1 and original value of $999,999, the offer was entitled “A Surprise for a Dana from a Greg.” Gifted with this deal for a lifetime, Dana did not hesitate to buy the coupon.

While a simple proposal may already be hard enough to prepare and lovely to receive, some guys out there are sure to have the creativity, determination and great courage to do an extraordinary proposal for their girl. And no matter how outrageous, surprising or embarrassing a proposal can be like these, I’m certain that any girl wouldn’t want to blink at any second to cherish every moment of it.

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