DIY wine bottle centerpieces

9 Incredible DIY Wine Bottle Centerpieces for Your Wedding

She said yes, the wedding announcements were sent, and congratulations ensued. With that, I’m sure there’s been more than just one bottle of wine opened.

Instead of tossing those empties to the curb, use them to create wine bottle centerpieces for your wedding. Recycling the good cheer is sure to make the big day that much more special.

If you’re having trouble meeting your quota, just recruit the bridal party to lend a hand. I’m sure they won’t object! Here’s some of our favorite ways to repurpose wine bottles in centerpiece fashion.


table number wine bottle centerpiece holder

Use the wine cork to hold the table number. The extra height from the bottle will help guests find their seat without any trouble. via Jessica Burke


taper candles DIY wine bottle centerpiece

To create mood lighting, use metallic spray paint to cover the wine bottles and then replace the cork with taper candles. via Ruffled


floral DIY wine bottle centerpiece

Nervous about lighted candles? Use flora instead and even mix in a variety of vases and empty bottles to accommodate different plant sizes.

By keeping the vases the same color, the grouping will still look pleasing. via Style Me Pretty


laced DIY wine bottle centerpiece

A touch of lace never fails to dress things up, and proves such in this case by adding it to a wine bottle. via HWTM


chalk board DIY wine bottle centerpiece

Want to write the table number on the bottle? Use chalk board spray paint.

Continue the throwback with a mod vibe by placing white flowers in the vase. via Bellalimento


candy filled DIY wine bottle centerpiece

Give your guests a little something extra to snack on by placing your favorite bite-size pieced candy in the wine bottle to act as a filler. via Instructables


glitter DIY wine bottle centerpiece

Speaking of filler, if you’d rather not spoil anyone’s appetite, pour in glitter. By pouring it in the bottle as opposed to gluing it on, you are a.) not messing around with glue or dry time and b.) making sure that the table stays free of any glitter residue. via Project Wedding 


rustic themed  DIY wine bottle centerpiece

For a rustic wedding, consider wrapping wine bottles in twine. This instantly softens the bottle and makes the table setting seem a bit cozier. via Wedding Chicks


twined DIY wine bottle centerpieces

If the thought of winding twine around a bottle makes you dizzy, this is a great alternative.

Use stencils to cut out table numbers and then attach them using twine wrapping. via Miss Contradiction of Sorts

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