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5 Cool Winter Fairytale Birthday Party Ideas

Winter is coming, and it is time to let it go (your creativity, of course). If you are lucky enough to have been born in this season of snow and wonders, than throwing a birthday party is in order.

Do not think that if you are older than 15 years you cannot throw a Frozen-themed party. This is for everyone from birthday number 1 to 100. Regardless of the number of candles, there are few things to consider, when it comes to decoration.

If you are feeling lost, do not worry, we will help you.

Color Palette

color birthday party ideas

This is the first thing to think about for just about any party. For a winter fairytale, perhaps, it is the most important one. To achieve the magical cool, yet warm feeling of snowflakes and joy, you will have to include different shades.

White should be the prevailing color. Introduce it with tablecloths, bed covers and other larger items. As for the details, if you are aiming for a true Frozen-party, than you must include blue with cushions and other accessories. If rustic is your chosen theme, than introduce warm brown with wooden elements.

Add the Glitters

glitter birthday party ideas

To imitate the glittery appearance of untouched snow cover, you will have to add some glitters of your own. There are so many fun ideas you can use. For example, you can fill balloons with glitters and hang them on the ceiling and around the windows and doors.

Fill jars with glitters and use them as centrepieces on the tables. If you are throwing a kids’ birthday party, than try to make a DIY area, where kids will be able to make their own glittery pieces.

Winter Accessories

winter accessories birthday party ideas

Do not think for a second that we have forgotten all about snowflakes. By using nothing else than scissors and paper, you can make your own snowflakes which you can hang on the wall or affix onto the windows.

With cotton wool or white Christmas balls, you can make snowballs garland. To add a bit more of holiday cheer, use colored lamps or candles (if you are using scented ones, opt for apple and cinnamon aroma).

Ready to Snap

picture ideas for a birthday party

If you have already tried so hard to turn your house into a winter fairytale, it would be a shame not to have birthday images to brag about. Make your photos as extraordinary as your whole house is by including your own photo-booth.

Place blue wallpaper (or some other blue material you can take off later, without damaging the wall), glue on a couple of paper snowflakes, and put a white wooden chair in front. Now just say cheese!

Snacks and Drinks

food and snack ideas for a winter birthday party

The best is left for the end. Cookies covered with powdered sugar or coconut flour are great winter snacks. You can also add snowman marshmallows, cupcakes with blue and white topping and snowflakes, cotton candy snowman, blue punch and milk in jars with colorful straws.

Mix a little of Christmas lollypops in the game, and you will have some delicious winter treats, the guest will talk about for some time.

We wish you an easy breezy and a bit “freezy” birthday party!

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