how to write thank you cards

How To Write Thank You Cards

The holidays are over, and in the spirit of giving, I’m sure you’ve ended up with a present or two. If you haven’t written a thank you just yet, don’t worry. It’s never too late to show your gratitude, and we’ve got just the steps to help you write your way through a perfect note.


Step 1

how to write thank you cards step 1

Name the gift giver. A simple dear, hello, or greetings prefacing their name will work.


Step 2

how to write thank you cards step 2

After the intro, it’s good to say thank you right away. State the gift received and feel free to add a bit of flourish. A “thanks so much for…” or a “I’m very thankful for…” definitely work.


Step 3

how to write thank you cards step 3 tell why you adore it

Name a specific feature you liked about the gift, how it will be useful, or why it is relevant. For example, the bedazzled orchid jewelry box from Aunt Judy is Pantone’s color of the year. Find a positive and focus on that!


Step 4

how to write thank you cards step 4

Close up your note by saying thank you again. Then, depending on the relationship, feel free to end with sincerely, all my best, yours truly, or love.

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